Triangle Restaurant Lounge Bar . Siem Reap

The Triangle BBQ is a great dining experience. At the peak of the triangle, everyone can sit and enjoy the sumptuous BBQ meals. The atmosphere is exciting, we can watch the people go by and never more than an arm’s length from the action .

With the long trestle tables this is a great place to come as a solo or with friends. It's a really great half way between street food and an actual restaurant meaning if your a bit worried about food safety you can get great Khmer dishes without the risk. Everything is cooked visibly as well which is not only reassuring .

Be Prepared for the service to be a bit slow when it's busy, I didn't mind it though because you could tell the staff were slow because they were busy not because they were just taking their time, it's well worth the wait though .

Enjoy their freshly prepared food – meats, fishes, skewers – all marinaded in special sauce and barbecued for perfection . There is an extensive range of other Khmer tasting dishes too, should prefer not to have BBQ .


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