Kwo Zha B Coffee , Tanjong Sepat

Kwo Zha B coffee shop is one of the famous spot in Tanjong Sepat , The coffee bean blend and brand itself , the staff will serve a sample coffee for everyone before getting to buy it .

The coffee taste awesome Thick comes with slightly bitterness , The fragrant and taste of the coffee is so unforgettable . we bought 5 packs home to enjoy it every morning . It for RM 7.00 per pack. Each pack have 10 coffee bags .

The original coffee have 40 years of history till now , it pass from 1st generations to 3rd generations .

Big Attraction Of the the shop was this coffee machine that non stop turning look alike that the coffee is been roasted all the time .

Kwo Zha B Coffee
15, Medan Selera Lorong 3
Tanjung Sepat , 42800 Selangor
(012) 322 7784 Mrs. Lim/ (012) 686 2221


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