I Am 80s Cafe , Petaling Jaya

Me myself is from the 80's folk , folk from 80's have a huge bunch of childhood memories that been playback on the internet sometimes , what we play and do is totally different from kids nowdays .

Kids today have it easy with their play dates and after school programs. They don’t have a clue the struggle of being a latchkey kid. Or the fun that came with not having an adult breathing down your neck 24/7. Sure we got a lot of sunburns and broken bones, but it was a rite of passage ! Being an 80’s kid was pretty rad .

In Petaling Jaya SS4 located A shop Called " I Am 80s " Cafe , It own a creative signboard that looks different than others . " I Am 80s " start their business this year on 28th February .

The founder/owner of " I Am 80s " was from from 80's too .

The shop was simple , a simple shop lot cafe, in the middle of a housing area , The decoration at the ground floor look not much like 80's , but more of a fun on animal printed pillows and used cable roll as table .

Secret stair to the 80's , the 1st ever cafe that I visit have a underground section , while walking down they put some 80's stuff along the stair , the television was an old school .

Basement theme was different from upstair , The best vinly collection stick on the wall , hand wall paint that bought from bangkok , thailand , Well painted .

Smoked Duck Pesto
charcoal Grill Chicken Chop 
80's own Signature platter sharing 4-5 Person
Caesar Smoked Salmon
Cappuccino Latte
Hazelnut Chocolate
80's Brunch Platter Sharing for 2 Person 
Frozen Fruits Smoothies shake

Sarsi and 80's Signature coffee
Kom Pia , Kom Pia is from Fuk Chow Tradisional Biscuit , seems the owner is Fuk Chow clan from sitiawan .
Ais Cream Soda and Sarsi , I was surprise when I came across this Melaka made soda pop from Long Chan . It does not have that much gas (carbonation) in it and was rather sweet  However, this drink cannot be found at restaurants, nor can it be found at hypermarket but you can get it at "I Am 80s" cafe .  

Dancing in the pan , the star of the day the sizzling Vanilla ice cream combine with Bread & butter pudding dessert .

Alongside the relaxing ambience, that is suitable for all ages and occasions ,   Definitely your ideal place for indulgence, enjoyment, relaxation and comfort.

 I AM 80’s Cafe 
35, Ground Floor, Jalan SS4C/5, 
Taman Rasa Sayang, 47301 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia. 
Monday to Saturday 11:30am-10:30pm
            Sunday 10:30am-10:30pm
Contact :+603-7497 2846


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