Cafe Latino , Siem Reap

Mexican cuisine is primarily a fusion of indigenous Mesoamerican cooking with European, especially Spanish , The basic staples are native foods such as corn, beans and chili peppers. Europeans introduced a large number of other foods, the most important of which were meats from domesticated animals (beef, pork, chicken, goat and sheep), dairy products (especially cheese) and various herbs and spices .

At Cafe Latino , Located at Middle of Pub Street Opposite of Red Piano takes pride in serving us authentic Mexican dishes made fresh daily . The Spaghetti carbonara and Mexican Pizza are incomparable .

The restaurant has a choice of air conditioned or out dining area while the kitchen is placed separately inside the restaurant in full view . warmth and cozy Casa ala Mexican with walls of bright yellow colors , hand painted furniture, pieces of Mexican decor and a gorgeous wall art paints With a full equipped bar of alcohols .

The menu offers a wide variety of authentic dishes whether as appetizers, main courses, kids choices, desserts, or a wonderful selection of drinks including mojitos and margaritas. Their prices ranged from USD $2 - $30 with most choices being an ideal size for one person . Usually these types of restaurants serve larger portions than anticipated but they have done a great job of not overloading your plate with too much food .

Cafe Latino is definitely as authentic as its get, especially in Siem Reap and Their dishes are masterpieces of authentic flavors and textures from what I experienced similarly to those I ate at Malaysia .


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