BBQ Chicken has now grown to be the number one franchise brand in Korea with more than 2500 stores in South Korea and achieved the 1st franchise company to be selected as Korea's top 100 brands. With aggressive expansion plans, BBQ Chicken has advanced into markets like China, Spain, Japan, USA, Fiji, Vietnam, Iran, Australia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore .

BBQ Chicken is sort of Fast food style restaurant , you'll get restaurant type service which meant you are seated if you want to eat in and the waitress will take down the orders . For take out you go straight to the counter. The menu is very brightly colored, and though it looks huge, much space is dedicated to pretty photos of each dish .

One of the hallmarks of Korean Fried Chicken is the frying technique, most of the fat is rendered off, and the skin becomes one with the batter, very nice crunch, and not greasy in the least. Either to make it sound more healthy, or maybe just a marketing gimmick, the chicken is fried in olive oil, which gives the chicken a distinct flavor, and an even more interesting .

The batter for these seemed a bit thicker than the regular chicken. It is mildly sweet, but pretty bland overall .  I wasn't impressed with these. I even think my simple ol' Garlic Chicken Wings have more flavor .


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