Arowana Chips , Tanjung Sepat

Arowana Malayan Food Industries Sdn Bhd Or Tanjung Sepat Tanjung Chips , we able to walk through the entire chips making process and the slice of chip been fries .

This factory selling homemade tapioca chipsb . We can take a look on how their process , The factory is attached with a shop selling all their products .

There is an area where they keep a bunch of tapiocas waiting to be washed , skinned and sliced .  The sliced tapioca, or chips, are then soaked and drained mutiple times to get rid of any dirt or powder .

Slicing has to be done through the machine for more precise cutting , The clean chips are then fried in a room specially set aside for such task .

Freshly Hot Fried from the "Wok" !!

Then we got to see packs after packs of chips that they store in their warehouse and shop , They had a all chips sample for us to try . we bought some chips crackers and a packet of satay fish . I wish to buy those big packet chips Because I afraid of can't finish it .

Arowana Malayan Food Industries Sdn Bhd
lot 2926 , Kampung Tanjung Sepat Darat
42800 Tanjong Sepat
Selangor, Malaysia


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