Truly Wine, The Starling Mall

Recently The Starling Mall become the newest mall in Damansara destrict that exact located in the heart of Damansara Uptown/Utama, become a favourite mall among PJ people and others that visiting Damansara. Food Paradise happens in shoplots surrounding Damansara Uptown but also happens in The Starling Mall too.
Truly Wine start their business from Febuary this year till today, operated about three months today. The Restaurant located at Level G, G-033 & G-033A. Serving Chinese, Western and seafood Cuisine. Main focusing on wide range of Wine selection and Melting cheeseeeeeee. The place is new, cozy and comfortable feel into it. You will always feel welcomed by the environment and also the friendly staffs. It reflects perfectly the American dining feel and represent well the dishes are serving.
There’s a difference between being a true wine lover and someone who likes to drink wine every once in a while. Part of the fun of being a true wine-lover is the constant learning experience that comes with trying all sorts of wine. With the wealth of information about wine that exists, it’s easy to become your own personal or simply to impress your friends at a social gathering.
Sausage Platter
A single portion comes with a Grilled giant pork sausage, 2 Venice sausages and some tasty bacon-wrapped sausages.
Iberico Hokkien Mee
Roast Pork Belly Indomee
Cheese Platter in assorted cheese variants such as Gouda, Emmental, Cheddar and Blue Cheese.
Cheese Fondue Platter
Sizzling Rib Eye Cutlet
Chili Garlic Prawn
Pumpkin Soup and Mushroom Soup
Crispy Pork Ribs
Fisrt Little Creatures Pale Ale can be found at Truly Wine only, The beer that inspired a hop driven Pale Ale bursting with flavour and aroma. Full-bodied yet refreshing, the bitter finish will leave your tastebuds craving more. Australian freshly brew Pale Ale.

Truly Wine
Address : G-033 & G-033A, Level G, The Starling, 
Damansara Utama, 40150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact : +603- 7662 5981
Hours : Daily 10AM - 12AM


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