Morganfield's Launch New 2018 Menu In Malaysia

The name of  Morganfield's is not a new F&B brand in Malaysia, I surely believe Every Malaysian foodie or even thou overseas buddies had tried before their Greatest Signature Pork Ribs. Don't worry, I'm not here to talk about their Signature sauce Pork Ribs again since I wrote about Morganfield's few years back when They just started in Malaysia at year 2012.
I'm here at Morganfield's Pavilion today to review more thirty new menu of Spaghetti, burgers, Fried Chicken, Roast Pork,  different kind of Pork ribs sets and many more piping hot from the kitchen.
This Morganfield's Pavilion is the 1st outlet in Malaysia and opened 7 years ago. The place seems like new,  cozy and comfortable feel into it. You will always feel welcomed by the environment and also the friendly staffs. It reflects perfectly the American dining feel and represent well the dishes are serving .
The interior is warm with a rustic bare brick walls with the bar table beside serving draught beers, wines, liquor, and cocktails.
Porky Salad | Roasted Pork Belly | Mussels Kilpatrick | Mr. Calamari | 3 Bites platter | Honey Soy, Golden Egg Crunch & Fiery Habanero Sticky Wings | Jim Beam BBQ Baby Back | Jack Daniels Glazed Baby Back | Citrus Mojito Baby Back | Meat Lover | Captain's Catch | Little Barbarian | Sizzling Rib Eye Steak | Sizzling Beef Tenderloin Medallions Steak | Southern Fried Chicken | Smokehouse Bacon Cheeseburger | Seefood Marinara & Smokin' Duck Pasta | Pork Schnitzel & Chicken Golden Egg Crunch Oriental Rice Bowls | This huge variety new menu selection will makes you go mad !!
Morganfield's combines life's two greatest passions: music and great soul food. At the heart of Morganfield's is it signature dish –"Sticky Bones" – a truly authentic, old-fashioned, prime pork ribs slow-cooked and smoked in coal and hickory wood to tender mouthwatering perfection, then basted with the gluey sweet-and-sour- tomato based home-made mopping sauce. A perfect accompaniment with good blues music and great friends!

During some nights at Morganfield's, you can sense the original toe-tapping excitement of the roaring 50's, venturing back to times when life was stress free and great music and food reigned, easing the long summer's day.


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