Traditional Makcik Kiah Menu for Break fasting, Sri Petaling

Restoran Warung Makcik Kiah is located at Jalan Radin Bagus 9 Sri Petaling serve various delicious dishes for breaking the fasting with traditional Malay cuisine. Restoren McK has been operating for five months at Sri Petaling by YB Dato Paduka Syed Isa Syed Alwi (Managing Director of Premia International Sdn Bhd) YB was inspired by her late mother, Ms. Kiah, who is well known cooks Kuantan dishes for over 40 years.
For the fasting month, McK offers set of Ramadan that you want to break fast with a reasonable price. With simple surrounding gave a cozy atmosphere to dine in here, This stack block of bricks Actually special area to experience part for diner to enjoy their foods by sitting on the floor with cross-legged(bersila) . Dishes here have Tempoyak Catfish, spicy sour stingray, three taste grouper, Beef bone soup, Fried spice chicken and delicacies other appetizers. also served in the sets are chicken papric, mix vegetables, tom yam, omelette and malay traditional cakes. Price started at as low as RM29.90 up to RM59.90.
Set A
Serving : 2-3 pax
Price : RM29.90
Menu : Kurma, White Rice, Chicken/beef Paprik, mix vegetable, Chicken Tom Yam, Sirap Drink and assorted fruits.

Set B
Serving : 4-5 pax
Price : RM59.90
Menu : Kurma, Assorted traditional malay cakes, White Rice, Chicken/beef Paprik, mix vegetable, Mix Tom Yam, omelette, Sirap Drink and assorted fruits.

Warung Makcik Kiah
Address : No.15, 9, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
Hours : Mon - Sat 10AM - 10PM
Contact : 018-219 8868

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