Go Thai, SS2

Thai Thai Thai Foods again, Once again Eddy Rush Fatboy went to thai food around SS2 area named "Go Thai". This brand name surely is well known by Thai foods lover in Klang valley, It's start operated to public since more than three years till today with two branch that one Located at SS2 and another One located in Atria Gallery Mall, Damansara Jaya.
Today I'm here to taste out Go Thai six new Signature revamped its menu dishes to take customers on a culinary adventure around, While maintaining its reputation for offering comfort food, as it drives to elevate the comfort food proposition on which the brand has been built.
The beautiful industrialist yet homey feeling whenever you enter the and it will give you a sense of what is really all about foods, chill and relax. The feeling will make you stay here even longer and it would also make for a good place for a bottle of Chang beer or just enjoy a great meal. The atmosphere is serene and cozy that looks like your are at Thailand. Heard there are called Michelin chef dishes in their top and new six in the menu.
KAI JEAW POO, Michelin Star inspired famous crab omelette. Alright this one is a little gross! But when you know what it actually means, everything will become so clear to you. Poo (ปู) doesn’t mean excrement like you might think, in thai language it means a crab. So you might find this word in food menu in Thai restaurants don’t be panic because it doesn’t mean like what you think. Thai Omelet or Kai Jeaw, is a super popular dish in Thailand. And this Kai Jeaw Poo is very famous in Bangkok.
KHA MOO, Stewed Pork Leg. Kha Moo is a famous street food stall in Thailand, The pork was just fall apart tender and the texture was smooth and beautiful. It was really tasty, packed with accents of cinnamon and star anise. The hard boiled egg on the side.
CLASSIC TUM THAD, Chef's specail mixed platter. Papaya salad is served in a traditional Thai and Lao tray with a variety of proteins,  vegetables and starch. This is usually served with the Thai papaya salad in the center, surrounded by Pork sausage, fried chicken, salted egg, pork rinds, Pad Lao noodle, and varieties of steamed vegetables. Tum Tad is meant to be served as a shared meal with more then two people.
 PHAD KI MA, Famous drunken noodle. Drunken noodles PHAD KI MA is a stir fried noodle dish very similar to phat si-io, but with a slightly different flavor profile. In Thai, khi mao means drunkard. This Drunken noodles PHAD KI MA will wonder what else you’ve been missing in life! It’s seriously that good folks.
 KAO GAENG THOD, Green curry rice balls( 5 pcs). which is deep-fried green curry rice balls. This is a little spicy. These golden coloured balls are made from a combination of two different green curry pastes and two types of rice.
TOM YAM SEAFOOD, Tom yum (hot & sour) soup with prawns and authentic Tom Yum Kung soup is without coconut milk and features all four of the famous Thai flavors--salty, sour, sweet and spicy .
 CHA KEOW YAN, Iced green Tea | Iced White Coffee | Coconut Coffee
 Ice Cream Kha Ti
Khao Neow Ma Muong, Mango sticky rice. Sweet and sticky 'Khao Neow Ma Muong', Made from specially selected mangoes, long grain glutinous rice and paired with coconut milk.

The best food in any given country is often not found in restaurants, but on its streets. Bringing authentic street eats from Thailand is Go Thai. no extra service charges or government tax. A must-visit cafe for fuss-free, authentic Thai Street Food in SS2. If you are looking for reasonably priced non-halal Thai street food, Go Thai definitely would do you fine.

Go Thai, SS2
Address : 187, Jalan SS 2/24, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact : 019-3388938
Hours : Daily 10:30AM–10:30PM

Go Thai, Atria Mall
Address:Lot T25-T28, 3rd Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya, Jalan SS 22/23, 
SS 22, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact : 019- 338 8938

Hours : Daily 10AM–10PM


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