(Closed) Curries N' Claws, Citta Mall | Petaling Jaya | Selangor

Before you scroll down a little more, I would like to ask a question on you. ARE you really a sarcastic banana leaf lover?? | If you are, then you are allowed to scroll till the end. Myself also are a crazy banana leaf lover and I'm obviously Chindian that love spice. If you can't find out what is Chindian then you may google about it, Hahahaha.....
I always try out banana leaf everywhere they are and find out not every banana leaf that served are awesome even thou they are pure Southern Indian or Malaysian Indian Restaurant. If you ask me which is my favourite, Honestly the only one of the one is Nirwana Maju Bangsar. When I Craving for Banana Leaf surely I will drive all the way from Bandar Utama to there like the mind have set, I know there have much more nice Banana Leaf out there and I will try it out later.
Guess what, I found out this Curries N' Claws just near my place at Citta Mall. The restaurant located at G – 10, Ground Floor, easily can be spot around The barn or Paparich. The restaurant interior is modern and chic, The mix of colors and wall art sure does wonders is making the whole atmosphere Comfortable and Cozy.
Signature drinks in Curries N' Claws, Sirap Lychee Ais, Mango Lime Lassi and Morru Ice (Sour yogurt Milk). 
Curries N' Claws Signature Banana Leaf, Banana Leaf Rice Set RM10.90. Comes with 3 types of veggies (green, starch and fried), rice, salted deep fried chilli, pickles and rassam. There are choices of curries like dhal, fish curry, salted fish curry and chicken curry.
Curry Flower Crab RM9.90/100g, Curry crab is beyond discription in its taste. You will have to experience it to know. The aromatic, light spices in this gorgeous crab curry let the sweet flavour of the meat sing. 
Mutton Varuval RM14.90, Mutton Varuval is a dry curry dish. The meat is cooked until the gravy almost dries up. Spices like fennel seed and cumin seed are used to infuse the mutton with their spicy flavours.
Fish Head Curry RM59.00, The curry itself is mild spicy and were satisfyingly fresh tasting and were cooked perfectly. Made with red snapper stewed with fibrous vegetables brinjals and fried beancurds, It's also incredibly versatile, appealing to a wide range of tastes. The gravy I tell you goes wonderfully with rice.
The Burner RM49.90, steamed assorted seafood such as flower crabs, prawns, squids, Fish and mussel in rassam. Yea, You didn't heard me wrong, It is Rassam soup base. This Seafood Burner really surprised me, First time ever I tried and it was so awesome piping hot.
Here you go, The complete set of Having the stunning Banana Leaf at Curries N' Claws. Alright, after the meal I had the conclusion. Believe it or not, I decide to make Curries N' Claws is my one of the favourite place for Banana Leaf. If you say what makes me love about Curries N' Claws Banana Leaf, I can say is their Thick Curries gravy that they pour on the rice. Thick Spice Curries gravy really plays the important role of the character. "Belum try Belum Tau, Sudah try....."

Address: G – 10, Ground Floor, Citta Mall, No. 1 Jalan PJU 1A/48, PJU 1A, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya
Hours: Daily 10AM - 10PM 
Contact : 03-7734 1933


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