Seribu Gantang Restaurant - The Jerai Hotel , Alor Setar

A new concept with an open display kitchen where chefs will cook and prepare your selected dishes ranging from a wide variety of local and international cuisine in front of you . The Seribu Gantang Restaurant is further complimented by the dessert and beverage stall serving an array of beverages and desserts.
The relaxed atmosphere and modern setting is set to make The Seribu Gantang Restaurant a popular dining venue be it for a quick bite or to be enjoyed leisurely with friends and family as well as business acquaintances.
Their culinary team takes great pride in creating innovative dining menus to rival the top restaurants in Alor Setar . A favourite among hotel guests , the restaurant has a specially designed menu that celebrates the unique fusion of flavours inspired by local heritage .
we take a closer look at the iconic foods of the country’s states and territories. Malaysians need no introduction to the delectable array of mouth-watering recipes of Kedah cuisine which had never failed to spice the gastronomic appetites of gourmets nationwide. Kedah cuisine is not only unique as it could appeal to the whole wide range of food lovers . Specially prepared authentic dishes comprising a combination of spices, herbs and market fresh ingredients will tempt any visitor to the state. Rice is the staple food of Kedahans .
This authentic dish is prepared by blending rice with varied fresh veggies and spices . Pulut or glutinous rice is an all time favourite of the northerners. It is taken with fruits such as mango .

The Jerai Hotel Alor Setar
Address : Lot 134 - 141, Jalan Sultan Badlishah, 
05000 Alor Setar, Kedah
Contact : 04-733 5917


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