Domino's Pizza X Spicy Samyeang Malaysia

Domino's Pizza Malaysia latest Samyeang Pizza trio, which is available in 3 flavours: Chicken, Tuna, Beef and the delicious Ayam-haseyo Chicken Wings. This limited time menu is set to available at all Domino's Pizza Malaysia branches till May tentatively, and set to give your taste buds a twist by the unique blend of Samyeang sauce that packs with a thrilling spicy sensation.
Introducing Samyeang Sauce, a savoury mix of sweetness and spice, the perfect pair to every meal from Domino’s Pizza Malaysia. This limited-edition sauce compliments the pizza chain’s newest Samyeang Pizza first introduced in Malaysia in February 2018 . The 500ml Samyeang Sauce is available at RM 24.90 a la carte or RM 19.90 as an add on.
DOMINO’S Pizza has caught on the Korean fever with the introduction of their new creation, Samyeang Pizza. Riding on the popularity of the Korean wave, the pizza chain aims to keep consumers’ taste buds “entertained”, with the sweet and spicy Samyeang sauce, the star of its latest pizza variant. Since Korean food and culture, K-craze in Malaysia has grown strong especially in recent years.
The trio “debuted” with guest star “Ayam-haseyo”, a punny take on the Korean word annyeong-haseyo for hello. featuring Domino’s new chicken wing side dish also baked with Samyeang sauce, Buy 1 FREE 1 Deal is back and You can now double up with their Korean Pizzas for just the price of one. Well... if you're looking for something crispy and tender, then you should've been served with Domino's Crunchy Thin Crust Samyeang Chicken Pizza. Tingle your taste buds with Super Tuesday with all 3 sweet & spicy Samyeang Personal pizza flavors starting from RM3.90* each, Get the Samyeang Super Combo now because you'll get not only 2 spici-licious Samyeang Pizzas of your choice but you'll also get the famous Ayam-Haseyo, an option of Cheesy Mozzerella OR Cheddar Stix & 1 bottle of Pepsi (1.5L). Hurry, order & experience a mind-blowing Korean meal with your friends now.
And today we are here not for only their SamYeang Domino's pizza but to try out their thousand use idea by using SamYeang Sauce on others dishes. It is a great news to all the spicy lover out there to add Samyeang sauce for the spicy level, Get yours now at any Domino's outlet in Malaysia.


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