Sungai Janggut Seafood Restaurant , Jeram

It is a Chinese fishing village at Sg Janggut . The restaurant is built on mangrove swamp , along the River . the place is easily can be spot with a big signboard at the roadside . Seafood is the one of the main attraction at here , a lot of visitors from Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley came here to taste the famous , cheap and fresh seafood of all varieties of cooking . Majority of the seafood restaurant here is Chinese Seafood Restaurant with varieties of chinese cooking style .
The restaurant has no air-conditioned space. It is simply a large cemented area with ceiling fans . Most of the cooking differs only by whether it was fish , prawns , cuttlefish , chicken and crab . Soups and vegetables are also available . Sungai Janggut Seafood Restaurant is one of a few restaurants dotted around the town , boasting fresh caught seafood and an extensive menu .

Address : Sungai Janggut Seafood Restaurant
16 batu 15, Jalan Bagan Sungai Janggut, Jeram
45800 Jeram, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact : +60 3-3250 2558
Hours : Mon - Sat 11AM - 10PM
Closed On Sunday 


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