36 Hours Sky Avenue Food Trail , Genting - Malaysia - [ PT 1 ]

36 Hours Food Trail Sounds awesome But what do you think when You need to eat at 28 Restaurants that located In Sky Avenue in 36 Hours , It's was first time experience eating Non stop in for two continues day . Marathon Eating with others make us much more strong to conquer Sky Avenue , I has tried almost 70% of all the Restaurant here . Thanks to Genting Malaysia inviting me with one night hospitality at First World Hotel to explore Sky Avenue with a wide variety of foods selection .
Shopping and dining at 6,000 feet with Embark on an exciting shopping and dining experience at SkyAvenue . With more than 70 retail and dining outlets opened so far , there is plenty to see , eat and shop at this latest lifestyle mall . SkyAvenue also completed a world-class LED display that spreads across an entire atrium within the mall .
This works like a passport food card , Need to show upon dining in any of the shop that listed on the card , 18 served main dishes restaurant and 10 dessert or snack Cafe/shop . Once we completed a meal , they will give a stamp chop proof that you been here and complete the challenge . This food trail challenge is to proof how much do you loved foods since Myself was food blogger .

15/07/2017 12PM , Let's begin The trail !!

1. Dal.komm
Dal.Komm Coffee is a Premium Cafe serving only the world's best medium-dark roasted coffee and premium desserts made using exclusively selected ingredients , hand crafted interior design and a place to Listen , See and Enjoy the music the way it was meant to be .

2. Starbucks Reserve
My very first time hangout at Starbucks Reserve and had a great knowledge experience About Starbucks Reserve beans that created an exclusive selection of Starbucks Reserve® coffees rare bean , roasted in Seattle then delivered fresh to you .

3. Canton - i
The cousin of Dragon-i , the Canton-i are known for their la mien (hand pulled noodles) and siew lung pao (dumplings encased with broth) . The noodles here are really just a level-up from the hawker stalls so is the price , And TOday we been served Signature Wanton Noofles with Jumbo Prawn wontan in soup , Cuttlefish and Mixed Meat Congee and Two combination of Traditional Roast Goose & Pork .

4. Just Heavenly
Just Heavenly Cafe is a place to enjoy desserts , or have great food in a casual ambiance , perfect for a quick everyday lunch ,  they make own ricotta and greek yoghurt and will try to balance the heavenly with the sinful .

5. Inside Scoop
Inside Scoop provide an insight into the delightful world of ice creams , The ice cream is freshly made on site using premium ingredients , without artificial flavorings , colorings or preservatives . I believe that ice cream should just be happiness in a scoop , Plain and simple .

6. Palsaik Korean BBQ 
Palsaik Samgyusal is a very famous dish in South Korea . In fact, from 2012, nearly all tours to South Korea include a meal of Palsaik, and the majority of these meals are enjoyed in the first Palsaik Samgyusal restaurant ever , making Palsaik Samgyusal Seoul’s most visited restaurant , and the country’s most successful chain restaurant . In Korean Palsaik means ‘eight colours’ . Samgyusal is the Korean word for pork belly . As such Palsaik Samgyusal means eight coloured belly pork . The eight colours are provided by the marinades in which the pork belly is flavoured with . At Palsaik, the eight flavours are original, ginseng, wine, pine needles, garlic, herb, curry, miso and red pepper paste . All the colour is naturally-derived, making the pork served at Palsaik 100% natural and free from colouring and any synthetic flavour additives .

7. San Francisco Coffee
A place where every cup of coffee is brewed out of the best , freshly roasted coffee beans , from all over the world . Great tasting coffee and hit the sweet spot for caffeine. Pleasant and efficient staff and service. Keep up the good work. Serves various items of food too .

8. PappaRich
An authentic Malaysian cuisine that’s served traditions recipes , the PappaRich bringing the Malaysian experience all over the world through the enjoyment of its carefully-crafted food and homely ambience . And using only the best and freshest ingredients for their customers . Love the girl that serve us that day , She was so friendly and always have a smile on her face .

9. Koong Woh Tong
This health food chain is simply packed with all sorts of health products to give you an added edge for your busy day . complete body restoring Herbal Jelly , which contains 20 Chinese herbs and is braised following a secret recipe from China and Koong Woh Tong is committed to providing products of the highest possible quality .

10. DC Super Heroes Cafe 
DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe with full dining experience”, The DC Comics SuperHeroes Café is a great place for photo opportunities by being surrounded by Batman , Superman , Wonderwoman , Green Lantern Human size Statue and service was personable and polite . DC attracts comic geeks and superheroes fans to gather and immerse themselves in the world of super heroes and villains . Comic book lovers, if you aren’t too fussy about food as long as it comes with emblems of your favourite DC superhero, you’re at the right place . Most of the food and drinks here come with some sort of superhero logo, like the Superman latte art and cheese topping on the Batman Hawaiian pizza .

11. KyoChon 
The fried chicken that has been South Korea's favourite for more than 20 years and been in malaysia for roughly four year ago if not mistaken . The Kyochon wings, drumettes and drumsticks came in a spicy, sticky sauce, absorbed into the crust. While that added licking-good flavours in the process, the pieces were somewhat soggy .

12. Madame Waffle
Madame Waffle is a Japanese style quick-service cafe serving artisan premium Belgium Liège Waffle , specialty coffee and tea . and here at Madame Waffle prepares only hand-made and freshly baked waffles using the finest ingredients from Japan and baked daily on site .

The night end with Madame Waffle as dessert , My stomach was full all the day without Hunger . Will continue another 16 Restaurant by tomorrow  .

16/07/2017 9PM , Let's begin The trail !!

13. Richdad 
Richdad brings breakfast and deli foods . Choose from a scrumptious range of sandwiches , pastries , pastas and local flavours . From brewing aromatic cup of coffee to Tasty nasi lemak , this outlet opened 24 hours that suitable for those stay up late for supper too .

It serves home cooked Baba Nyonya dishes and dessert , Babajia open for 24 hour in Sky Avenue that served anytime when you hungry . Baba Nyonya dishes was famous at Melaka and you can have it here , so convenience .

  1. Dal.komm
  2. Starbucks Reserve
  3. Canton - i
  4. Just Heavenly
  5. Inside Scoop
  6. Palsaik Korean BBQ 
  7. San Francisco Coffee
  8. PappaRich
  9. Koong Woh Tong
  10. DC Super Heroes Cafe 
  11. KyoChon
  12. Madame Waffle
  13. Richdad 
  14. BABAJIA 家

Another 14 Restaurant and cafe will be continue at :
36 Hours Sky Avenue Food Trail , Genting - Malaysia  - [ PT 2 ]


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