Amaimono Cafe , Kepong

The sweet cafe mainly promote a variety of Japanese street food that located at kepong , wide variety of food to choose include ice cream Bun , Japanese noodles , Japanese rice , and varied desserts and snacks . Of course not only ice creams , Featuring extra large cups of cold green tea or black tea , hot cappuccino and other espresso drinks , cheesecake, mousse cakes , puddings and other desserts . It is a Japanese street food-based cafes , whether it is dessert or interior decoration gives a sweet and romantic feeling .
Wanted to release some Stress ? Come here to taste the dessert and definitely the best way to eliminate your stress , there are a lot of very cute emoji small pillow laying on the chair In the Store . More than ten flavors of ice cream to choose . The owner have traveled all over Japan , have meet with few artisan producers of traditional ingredients and decide to open his own Shop . By localizing the Japanese deserts , ice-cream , pastries & some local finger foods in Malaysia . The name Amainomo was born (Amainomo in Japanese language means sweet & sweetie). The concept of 'pantry' is because everything can be sold at affordable price due to the self service practice . Self service focuses on different pace of an individual on fast lane life , you can either choose and pay or to take your time and relax in this environment .
Shoyu Chicken Ramen
The word 'Shoyu' is Japanese for soy sauce and is the base of this delicious chicken and noodle soup . good chicken broth from scratch .tasty chicken broth easily and with zero complications .
 Shio Chicken Ramen
Shio ramen is popular in Hakodate, a southern city in the Hokkaido , The word 'Shio' is Japanese for salt . 
Miso Chicken Ramen
The king of all Ramen , wheat noodles with a firm and chewy texture . Chicken miso ramen can be as simple as noodles topped with chicken broth soup all around .
 Tom Yam Chicken Ramen
The Japanese x Thai Chicken Ramen , The bowl features the traditional Japanese Shio broth with a Thai twist to it . chicken bones soup broth for its perfectly with local people who love spicy .
Vegetarian Miso Ramen
The new in menu Vegetarian Miso Ramen , this is special recipe prepare vegetarian meals . broth that is smooth , rich and creamy .
Nasi Ayam Rendang
Dry Rendang Curry had a fully spice fragrance , the perfect gravy to match with white rice .
Japanese Curry Chicken Rice
Japanese Curry ChickeN Rice to be precise and known in Japan as Karēraisu .
 Chicken Curry Rice
homemade chicken curry , This recipe filled the house with fragrant curry-smelling aromas . 
Hot Green Tea
 Taiyaki waffle Ice Cream
A classic street snack in Japan , Taiyaki is a warm fish-shape cake with red bean filling and two scoop of ice cream .
 Melon Pan / Polo Bun
Melon Pan is sweet bread covered in a thin layer of crisp biscuit/cookie crust with grid line pattern on top . And stuff in with your favourite ice cream selection .
Amaimono Cafe also famous with their BIG CUP drinks with wide variety of sellection from Juice to Coffee and even Cocoa .
Amaimono Cafe using halal miso paste for all their foods , This acquired halal certification of NPO Japan Halal Association (recognized Halal certification body of the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) in Japan) following a rigorous process that involved installing a separate halal-only production line as well as comprehensive employee training on halal food safety, hygiene, and halal management .
The Making of Taiyaki waffle behind the kitchen
 The four hours cooked chicken bone broth for the soup ramen

Amaimono Japanese Pantry
Address : No 89, Jalan Rimbunan Raya 1, Laman Rimbunan Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.
Hours : Mon - sat 11AM - 11PM , Sunday 11AM - 7PM
Contact : 03-6179 2431


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