The Original Kluang Railcoffee , Kluang

Experience authentic Malaysia breakfast on those day , with hot cup of aromatic coffee and a delightful nasi lemak with sambal on the side , Kluang RailCoffee served with variety local flavours . Soak in the heritage and diverse that is unique to this exotic kopitiam . combining gastronomical creations with a social stimulation to gratify even the most discerning Malaysian . Located at the local railway station , Kluang Rail Coffee has been around since 1938 . It was a pit stop for travellers arriving in Kluang and the railway canteen is one of the town's famous landmark .
Dishes on local menu sorts for over three generations . here serve kaya and butter toast bread , Soft boiled eggs , Iced Coffee , Roti Bakar , Roti Steam , Toasted Bun (white bread ), Toasted Bun (wholemeal bread) , Nasi Lemak , Kopi O + Roti Bun(mentega+kaya) , Kopi , Toast And Soft Boil Egg , Toast With Butter and , Mee Siam .
A warm slice of toast is so simple yet so incredibly tasty . They made one of Malaysia's institutional kopitiam to savour its famous charcoal toasted buns . Warm, charred and filled with kaya and oozing with buttery goodness , the 'roti kahwin' at the Kluang Rail Coffee is absolutely legendary .
They have a softer texture and Fluffy on the inside , paired with yummy blocks of Cowhead butter and homemade kaya . This is the best version of 'roti kahwin' literally means married bread .
Freeze butter cut it into little squares , a thick slab of butter sandwiched between ther toast and kaya filling . Warm and fresh from the charcoal fire . Also Perfectly side with soft boiled Egg along and A cup of hot coffee .
Grown and roasted locally , the coffee has a dark and rich tone that goes perfectly with the sweet condensed milk . Order it hot, iced with milk or plain and you'll be really impressed at how good it is. It's strong aromatic and will go great with your toast or Nasi Lemak . If you want some to bring home .
Opened by the Lim family in the 1930s , Kluang Rail Coffee now has branches across Malaysia under the Kluang Station franchise . The business is helmed by four generations after the original Lim started the kopitiam . Inspired by the decor and the menu . Kluang Station is now a familiar sight in KL's top shopping malls .
The Original Kluang Rail Coffee
Address : KTM, Jalan Station, Kampung Masjid Lama, 
86000 Kluang, Johor
Hours : Daily 7AM - 6PM
Contact : 07-739 0515


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