R&H Cafe , Muar

At muar , MUO people takes satay as their common daily breakfast . We have been greeted by the smell of satay when we step in the shop , At Muar satay serves as breakfast nothing to curious about when you are here . Most of the restaurants opened in the morning when we dizzy in the town of Muar for breakfast . The R&H Cafe is proud to be one of the cafes around that was graced by the Sultan of Johor , a fact that has been photographed , framed and placed the wall of the café .
The interior looked simple with tables and chairs , and there were many people eating and milling around inside . The place packed with happy people and how the tables were piled high with satay , mee rebus, tauhu goreng , drinks and other goodies .
Assorted Local Kuih muih
Satay Maharani chooses from Satay Ayam Dara and Satay Daging BTG Pinang .
Lontong Champion 
Meatball KG.Ku
Mee Rebus Jawa
Roti Terlajak Mandi
Meehoon Penalty
Tauhu Lentok
Table full of foods , How can't we satisfied . Food hunter like me always travel for local foods to know their culture and tradition . A large variety of different dishes to be choose are everyone favourite .
Having a sneak on Abang satay flaming the satays at beside of the shop . Well , these dramatic dancing fireworks were quite effective at attracting the attention of passers by .

RH Cafe Satay Maharani
Address: 130-2 Bangunan Mara, Jalan Maharani, 
84000 Muar, Johor
Hours : 7:30am - 12:30pm (Closed on Friday)

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