Restoran Muar Historia Rabbit , Muar

Did you go to Restaurant Rabbit Home yet ? It seems that the average resident of Muar knows the existence of a restaurant located in Muar , Johor . Famous for the history displayed in the restaurant . Concerned on the restaurant's Muar Historical Concept Restaurant or Museum , James Teo said , Muar Historia Rabbit Home is a must-referral site for outdoor visitors , especially historical fans .
The interior decorations that are decorated with historical artifacts and also a mural-filled wall telling Muar district will make you wonder . You can know the story and history of Muar while your visit at Restoran Muar Historia Rabbit .
Since this is Muar area , you can also enjoy a wide variety of ala-carte dishes and lunch dishes available . Among their signature dishes that are the preferred choice of customers are Muar Curry Laksa that you must try! And also a favorite dish such as Kampung DiRaja Fried Rice, and Guang Dong Kuey Tiew .
Muar Curry Laksa , The ingredients in a Laksa are cucumber slices , egg , fish paste fu chuk . laksa paste and the aromatic curry with coconut milk . No matter eaten with noodle or vermicelli , it is awesome for my  taste buds .
 Lontong Ketupat , Lontong actually refers to compressed rice cake wrapped in a banana leaf cylinder , which are then cut into small pieces . It texture resembles that of ketupat or nasi himpit . The rice cakes are served with coconut milk-based soup such as soto alongside some boiled egg and chilli paste .
 Fried Fish paste fu chuk , Freshly Deep fried Beancurd roll with fish paste .
Nasi Goreng Kampung Diraja , Nasi Gorang Kampung was people all time  favorites . Delicious and simple serve with sambal belacan to add more kick .
Otak-otak , Although otak-otak can be found in other parts of Malaysia, the Muar version is highly sought after by foodies. Solidly-packed with fresh mackerel pieces, chilli, curry, spices, and coconut milk, otak-otak Muar is typically wrapped in banana leaves .
Mee Siput , is a snack called the Mee Siput that been receiving everyone’s love, there is some tourist would buy them as souvenir too. Most Chinese will call it “Mee Cracker”. It’s actually the past memories for Muar, is yellowish around noodle but fried, not much taste but dip in curry sauce, is a perfect taste combination .
Rojak Muar , Muar is also famous for its rojak, and this is actually a vegetarian rojak .

What is your favourite Johorean dish and where is your favourite place to have it ? Let me know in the comments below .

Muar Historia Rabbit Home Restoran & Katering
Address : No 69, Jalan Sisi , 84000 Muar , Johor , Malaysia
Contact : 06-954 5539
Hours : Daily 07:30 - 19:30

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