Sister's Curry Mee (咖喱面) , Air Itam

The Infamous Lim Sisters’ Curry Mee in Air Itam , Penang!

There are numerous Curry Mee stalls in Penang and each stall has its own version of soup and ingredients. Some have their coconut based stock reddish while some comes in a lighter pale color version, at times known as White Curry Mee. The basic ingredients would be pig’s blood, cockles (sie hum), taupok and cuttlefish. There are also different kinds of add-on such as curry chicken, fish balls, gizzard, chicken feet and fish cakes .

The Lim sisters has been doing their recipe for Penang style curry mee in air itam for decades , recently that these sisters caught in attention of people thru social media . The unique comes over as they setup their stall on the ground different than others hawker stall . located near the bridge in Air Itam a Methodist Church .

The sisters of Teochew descent have been selling the mouthwatering Noodle for over 60 years , Sitting on low wooden benches , the sisters will scoop curry from a huge aluminium pot into the bowls of yellow noodle with cockles and cuttlefish .

The broth has a special fragrance to it and the cuttlefish is really good . The sister’s curry gravy is not sweet but the sambal is awesome and spicy . I also adored the spicy chewy squid and bean curd puffs . Drop over to the stall at Air Itam market to try the classic flavorful Curry Mee managed by two sisters .

Sister’s Curry Mee
Air Itam Market,
Jalan Paya Terubong
Business hours: 0800 – 1300


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