Goh Huat Seng , Penang

Goh Huat Seng, one of the oldest Teochew restaurants in Penang has been in operation for more than fifty years .

We reach around 7p.m and parking kinda hard to find if nearby and don't simply park at the illegal yellow line , the bandaraya her is active till 9 p.m , they will lock your wheel and leave a number to contact if you find out yours car been lock . just park abit far to avoid been lock Because I been seeing live when other vehicle been lock . 

We are lucky that still have table for three of us since the restaurant is pack .

At Goh Huat Seng they count by plate , portion in one plate is very small and little .

We order four plate with the price tag RM70 , What Do you think , isit worth ??


It is one of the oldest Teochew restaurants in Penang . Located at Kimberley Street , the traditional steamboat still comes lighted up with charcoal . traditional pots heated over charcoal with clear chicken soup as the soup base and ingredients including mushrooms, fish anf vegetable . Their steamboat comes with a variety of dishes, freshly cut and served . Goh Huat Seng has stuck strictly to traditions passed down through generations . 

This place is with air-conditioned that will fell comfortable while steamboat-ing .  Many locals and also visitors from here or outstation will visit this place and on weekends , this place is usually packed so the customers have to wait till empty table available .

They even provide a mini fan that run on batteries to speed up the charcoal to burn . Traditional metal steamboat pots that looks antique that Only a few restaurants uses this type of pots .

The steamboat pot with a bottom section where hot coals were placed , followed by a round trough that went around the bottom coal section , and then Fire coming from the middle to release hot air and flames .

Blended chillie and garlic was a very important component of any hot pot meal . At Goh Huat Seng they only serve with  sliced chilies and not a good component for the hot pot but there was one ingredient that really made the difference , the deep fried garlic need pour in the hot pot and makes the soup taste better . The soup broth  was taste nice sweet after all the stuff been put in for a moment ago .
It’s not a street food cheap meal, that’s for sure, but I thought it was worth it for a traditional Chinese Malaysian steamboat with great exprience .

Goh Huat Seng Restaurant 吴发成菜馆
No. 59-A, Lebuh Kimberley,
10100 Georgetown, Penang
Tel: 04 - 261 5811 / 04 - 261 5646
Business Hours: 
11:00am - 3:00pm & 5.30pm - 9:30pm
Closed on Monday


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