Art Of Dragon Gallery , Penang

Something New in Town along Lebuh Cannon , Art Of Dragon Gallery Serve Ice cold Stuff during the hot day that going on all day .

I always was a big fan of ais kacang a/L ABC , It was obviously easy seen on my right when I going through to Lebuh Armenian For Street art , It just located opposite of “Reaching Up” Mural .The first Ice ball I ate before is at 70's Ice Armenian Street , The First ice ball before this . They offering three type pattern of desert .

Fresh Orange Cup Ice Cream (RM3)
Half fresh orange squish into juice, after the juice been squish out Two scoop ice cream to fill in with Peanut and Red bean .

Dragon Ice Ball (RM4)
Round like a ball Shaved Ice , it is trending now in penang and Ipoh what I saw , The Different of Art of Dragon gallery Ice Ball and 70's Ice Armenian Street ice ball was the content that filled ,  70's Ice Armenian Street  offered only shaved Ice with flavor syrup and Art of Dragon gallery offered ice cream and peanut that put in the middle of the shaved Ice . seven flavor ice cream to choose to put into shaved ice .

Process : One bowl of shaved ice , peanut and one scoop choosen ice cream , get another bowl of shaved ice combine and squish together , open out the bowl then you will get a perfect rounded ice ball .

Dine in area is behind the machine bar with the 80's decoration and alot of antique items to see . awesome set up to enjoy my desert . 

Art of Dragon Gallery
19, Lebuh Cannon
George Town
10300 Pulau Pinang


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