Sin Guat Keong Coffee Shop, Penang

After we Visited Penang Hill(Bukit Bendera) on the evening , Three of us was hungry and spot a coffee shop that surrounded by alot of different foods hawker around and makes me made a hard press on my brake pedal .

Sin Guat Keong Coffee Shop is located along Kimberley Street . The street become alive and happening since all the hawkers open their business just beside the road attached with the Coffee Shop and more ten different local foods can be enjoyed .

One hawker that was more busy than the rest was the man cooking up "Char Kuey Teow" . As you saw the stack of waiting plate His orders are never ending means you will definitely Order since it was one of the famous local foods in penang .

I can tell you , this was the most worst "Char Kuey Teow" in town , tasteless!! . I didn't even finish it .

walk around again and I found this , what we ate In KL when it was viral with instant noodle White Curry Mee(MY kuali) Last year . I'm sure You all knows which Instant Noodle i'm talking about and I felt Suprise and desperately wanted to try , I ordered One bowl for taste testing .
It was worst than the instant noodlee White Curry Mee . oily chili paste and the soup base is tasteless , HO JIAK?? bULLSHIT!

Koay Teow Soup , This was a delicious, light pork broth with pork filets, pork bits, and fish balls with delicate noodles . we had another bowl since it was so delocious .

Chicken feet with soy eggs and pork innards . I'm big fan of pork innards and Chicken feet , The chicken feet is soft and the sauce was awesome . Eggs were braised in soy with the Chicken feet . For those who not really like the innards and chicken feet , they also have chicken wings and thigh that braised in soy too . The Kuey Teow soup was nice with  Crispy mice fried garlic that gave the soup base a delightful fragrant .

Doesn’t matter if you call it orh lua, orh jian or fried oyster omelette. They all mean the same thing , sizzling egg omelette, spring onions, chilli and the sight of fresh, plump oysters .

We were satisfied with the delicious meal except the "char kuey teow and white curry mee . It wasn’t expensive as we spent around RM40 on food and drinks. It was exciting and refreshing. This had set the barometer for us to what good Malaysian Street food should be like .

Sin Guat Keong Coffee Shop
86, Lebuh Kimberley
George Town
10100 George Town
Pulau Pinang

Pulau Penang (1st visit) ---

Pulau Penang (2nd visit) ---

Pulau Penang (3rd visit) ---


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