Restoran Cerana Ikan Bakar Alai, Melaka | Malaysia

Melaka is well-known for travel to both Malaysians and Tourist. Anyone who goes to Malacca does not seem to have been perfect for the trip or holiday if didn't get seafood dishes. The foods that are often associated with Malacca are asam pedas or grilled fish, grilled  fish is one of the interesting food in Melaka.
This place is well known for ikan bakar, The Restoran Cerana Ikan Bakar Alai is located at the mouth of the Crytal at 75460 Permatang Pasir, Melaka.
A variety of seafood options can be selected here. Among them are fishs, squid, crabs, Shell seafood and many more. Of course the favorite are still Grill fish and squid. The fried cuttlefish and butter-ripe prawns are delicious too. Just like any other ikan bakar joints, you get to choose your seafood at the counter and inform the boss on the preferred cooking method. The price is seasonal but reasonable, always check the price with the boss before you choose.
The restaurant is listed as one of the best places to eat in Melaka because it offers other concepts than others. The spacious dining area and scrumptious Halal menu offers a sensational choice of dishes to whet your appetite, There is ample free parking.
Restoran Cerana Ikan Bakar may not be the best in town but definitely the best bang for buck on top of its freshness. Nevertheless, this stall is worth a try if you are looking for something different in Melaka.

Restoran Cerana
Address : Medan Ikan Baker Dan Asam Pedas Sungai Punggur, 
Kampung Alai, Melaka, 75460 Telok Mas, 
Melaka, Malaysia.
Contact : 017-309 6511
Hours : Daily, 5PM - 1AM

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