Justberrys Premium Dessert House, Melaka | Malaysia

Looking for a place that serves desserts? A dessert bar that serves cold and chilling icy desserts, honey toasts and sweet delights, they even have some specialty desserts like using half of a melon or watermelon as a bowl. Plus, their best seller but seasonal item – Musang King dessert makes it another reason you need to visit them for sure.
Aside from being known for its extravagantly decorated rickshaws and of course, lip-smacking bowls of icy cendol, Melaka’s café industry is slowly booming – giving way to lots of hipster eateries scattered across the city.
Upon entering the café, you’ll be greeted by the stylish hipster interior design consisting of exposed orange bricks, wooden boards and recycled materials. This Restaurant are located at No 4, Jalan Kormersial TAKH 3, Ayer Keroh, Malacca Town. And the shop can be located by using Googgle map or Waze TYPE IN " Justberrys Premium Dessert House ".
Justberrys Dessert House are attributed largely to the introduction of its high quality dessert since year 2008. Dessert and side dishes are serve at affordable prices and shall prepared with the forest fresh ingredients and to maintain the original taste. With the open concept of Justberrys, Patrons able to have live view on “the making of Justberrys dessert” where it provide a unique dining experience.
 Durian Cendol RM8.50
 Coconut Sugar Colesago Ball Cendol RM8.00
 Dirty Ice Milky RM18.00
 Curry Meat Ball
 Peanut Kakawit Gourmet Valencia RM9.50
 Hawaiian Bora Bora Watermelon RM25
 Dragon Berry's Sweety and Milky
 Milky Dessert Dragon Fruit RM18
 Milky Dessert Mngo RM16
 Pink Escape Jasmine Rossy RM15
Deli Handmade Po Taro RM9.50
The variation of sauces and toppings makes these over the top dessert truly one of its kind in Melaka. It’s worth checking out if you are looking for something different to try while visiting the state in terms of quality and presentation.

Justberrys Dessert House
Address : No 4, Jalan Kormersial TAKH 3, Ayer Keroh
Contact : 06-234 4600
Hours : Daily 11am – 11pm

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