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The Houze Vendor Boutique Cafe
While you in Perlis Sudden looking for Western plus Local cuisine or Korean Dessert, Head to The Houze Vendor Boutique cafe to dine with your friend when they having a different taste bud for the day.
The Houze Vendor Boutique cafe is located No 2. Lot 1632, Jalan Abi Tok Hashim, Kampung Behor Empiang, 01000 Kangar, Perlis. It is a single storeys shop lots manage by young lady entrepreneur,  Brings hipster dishes to Perlis youngters to enjoy. Simple Cozy environment to enjoy the dining.
The Houze Vendor Boutique & Cafe
Address : No 2. Lot 1632, Jalan Abi Tok Hashim, 
Kampung Behor Empiang, 01000 Kangar, Perlis.
Contact : 013-533 1859
Hours : Sat - Thu, 11AM - 6PM
Close on Friday
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Waffles Bar
Waffles Bar is a new thing In Perlis, Right to say waffles snacks are available at every corner of any country or state but why I still need to recommend to People of Perlis or Anyone that come to Perlis? 
Waffles Bar is located one of the corner at Kayangan Square in Kangar Town, Local call the the Place The Store. Nowadays These Perlis Youngster are really working hard on their Business to maintain the Quantity and Quality of Food. What I see from my opinion, They doing a great job.
Let go to the main point, as what we said, what so special about these waffle. If not mistaken, we don't know this kind of waffles available in town(Kuala Lumpu)*Mistake me if I'm Wrong*.  These Youngster Invented Waffles together with Meats, Good Idea.
Sandwich Waffles can choice from Aloha Chicken, Crispy Chicken, Steak Fillet, Spicy Tuna, Egg Mayo and different taste of original waffles. Side snack and Drinks are available too.

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Big Tas Tea
What We are doing here park on the main road side?
Big Tas Tea  proudly to say that they are the first Drive thru restaurant In Perlis that serve western dishes, Local kind of drive thru made a great attention for me and the People of Perlis.
Stop the at the sideway in front of the restaurant, The Staff will walk to your car and pass the Food menu. Make Your order then Drive forward A bit to wait around 15 minute. This drive thru Take away option are same like the largest food chain restaurant Mcdonald, Lazy getting down from the car.
My Godzilla Mango is so Godzilla.
Vanilla Caramel & Dark Chocolate
Meatball Pizza 
Super Santai(2 piece Chicken & Wedge)& Long Beef

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Roti John Kingkong @ Dataran 360
Roti John Kingkong are well known around Perlis because it is a moveable food truck that can be anywhere when there are festival happening or stand still at Dataran 360 every night.
Dataran 360 is a place where vendors sells clothing, Food, drink and many much more. This Roti John Kingkong food truck located at one of the corner, Just walk around look for it.
Cheesy Nachos
Excellent burgers! Lightly seasoning/salting the meat before pattying makes a difference in the taste for sure and brings out the meat's juices. And using 90% or 95% lean ground beef is the secret to burgers being juicy and tender, not chewy and grisly.  I've also found a noticeable difference in taste between using chuck and just plain old ground beef.
I ordered a Triple X Burger that have two generous Thick slice Press 95% lean ground beef, One slice of Smoke chicken. More than six sauce to choose lay on your burger. Follow their FB fan page for more Information :


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