The one only Baby Coconut Briyani in Malaysia at Mahesha TTDI

Restoran Mahesha is a dining place that is very rich in terms of the food culture. Hence it is a known fact that the Baby coconut Briyani and the side dishes are also bound to be delicious. So for Briyani lovers, if you haven't yet figured out where to head to get a taste of the finest Indian flavors Briyani  , then I need to tell you that Mahesha serve special Briyani in Coconut. Later will let you see how it Looks like.
That is where you will get to taste authentic of Briyani. Restoran Mahesha having a very clean and hygienic ambience, be rest assured that the restaurant does its best to keep you satisfied in every form. People who have been there have only good reviews, so do not miss out their eat for free on 28 september. Restoran Mahesha is located at 36,Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr.Ismail, 6000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.
Furthermore, the selection of side dishes, There are chicken, fish and mutton, available in curry, varuval, masala, kurma, deep-fried and more preparations. For the uninitiated, you’ll feel stumped by the sheer variety of options. The food here doesn’t hold back, most of the meats are cooked in a heavy dose of spices and herbs. Surprisingly was The food arrived piping hot and we counted no less than 13 types of vegetables and miscellaneous add-ons.
This Briyani's have the choices of chicken, mutton, Duck, stingray and Vegetable are stuffed into a fresh young coconut and then steamed. The coconut flesh and aroma will then seep into the rice and spices, taking the classic dish to a whole new level of flavour.
Two side of pickles coleslaw Salads along with the special chilli paste, Both of this pickles are special. first the coleslaw salads make by natural yogurt with a little of spice. About the Chilli Paste, I don't really know how they make it but superb. And Homemade Coconut jelly as dessert.
This coconut briyani is served on a banana leaf with a side of pickles and hard-boiled egg And I having my favourite mutton Briyani, The mutton thigh is super soft an tender. Made of spices, rice, meat, and veggies, it is definitely a mainstay in Malaysian cuisine, loved by many.
Crab Rasam In baby coconut :  Crabs are good to improve our immunity and in small portion of crab, you get lots of protein, multitude of minerals and several B vitamins.This Soup is a best way to treat cold, flu, cough, joint pain etc.Not only it is healthy,it is very very delicious in taste and it is a treat during cold days.
Still struggling where to eat during lunch time, No worries now. Bring your Friends and Families to try out Restoran Mahesha Baby Coconut Briyani, sounds like the best in TTDI. It feels like many restaurants or eateries have their own little variations to it. Whether it is taste, price, or simply the way they make it, there’s a lot of ways to make it.

Restoran MAHESHA
Address : 36,Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr.Ismail,
6000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.
Hours : Daily 24 hours
Contact : 03-7732 5408


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