18g Private Kitchen & Wine , Taman Danau Desa

18g Private Kitchen & Wine opened few months back in july this year , A place to chill for wine and catch up with mama homecook taste dishes . The shop is located at the shop lot area in Taman Desa called Taman Danau desa , This area was also famous for all the foods and happy hour lover to hang out . The owner gave us an unpredictable answers when we ask about the meaning of the name for the shop , She Said " The name we got it from number of the shop lot , The shop address is no .18 ... , then for Chinese "18" is a lucky number for business  means - good business everyday and " g" is from Ground Floor , just that simple . And Private Kitchen means - I'm a mother also a grandmother for her child and grandchildren that cooks delicious Chinese Cuisine for my family for so many years , and serving the same way to all my Customer . I want Who ever visit 18g Private Kitchen & Wine will feel like home for them " .
Beside from " ah ma " dishes , here was stack with full with huge variety of red wine , white wine and champagne from any range of price . It's attracted much more patron keep coming back to chill here before of after dinner period . During the night , what I can see here is every table having at least two bottle of red wine and dining with their meal or chit chatting with laughter . About the atmosphere at 18g Private Kitchen & Wine , They really put effort by paint the whole ceiling with black . A wine bar that is a must , Two tall wine rack that displayed more than 200 bottles of wine . Comfortable Big sofas and some decoration on the wall . Alright , Now I gonna show you what they gonna serve us for the night . Come and explore by yourself  to fell the like home environment .
Salad Of The Day
Chopped tomatoes , cucumbers , lettuce and avocado combine with a drizzled dressing of vinegar and olive oil .
Pontian Prawn Pan Fried with Garlic
colorful sweet Tender shrimp , stir dry garlic give it a variety of interesting textures and flavors . Bread given to dip into the gravy but unfortunately the gravy too little . 
Mama's Meat Roll
This is a popular chinese dish for the Malaysian Chinese family , homemade Chinese Meat Rolls, in my opinion, this are far more superior than those sold commercially .
Stewed Pork Bee Hoon
One of the signature dishes here , pork ribs tender stir fried with Rice Noodles seasoned with dark soy sauce .
Cheese Platter - Mix and Match
Create a delightful and delicious spread include a variety of textures and flavors . Most cheese belongs to one of four basic categories : Cheeder , smoke , bree and  blue . 
Braised Meat with Mantou
Braised pork belly stuffed in soft , fluffy mantou along with sweet and spice gravy .
Mee Siam
Popular in Singapore and Malaysia , mee siam (Siamese noodles in Malay) these iconic local food is highly influenced from there . the  flavor profile is nearly equal parts of sweet , tangy , salty and spicy .
Chicken Wings (南乳鸡翼)
Deep-fried NAM YUE (FERMENTED RED BEANCURD) chicken wings is a traditional dish for chinese in Malaysia . This is certainly something special and very Asian too .
18g Private Kitchen & Wine
Address : No.18, Jln 5/109f, Taman Danau Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact : +60 3-7972 4818
Hours : Mon - Sat 4PM - 12AM , Closed on Sunday


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