D'italiane , Paradigm Mall

It should come as no surprise that the two busiest days of the year for restaurants are Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day . But do you know what comes in third on the list?
It’s Father’s Day .

Restaurants across Klang Valley are offering Father’s Day specials to celebrate dads day in any area . Here are some of the specials menu from D'italiane for this coming Fathers day .

Today , I been proudly invited by D'italiane to try out their all new launch fathers day menu , I will tell about the foods later but now what I gonna start about the environment and Service of D'italiane that located in Paradigm Mall . The shop located at Ground floor outdoor courtyard of the mall .

The whole seated place are nicely arranged with choices of sofa , high chairs , cushion stools and others to provide more options for dinners . There are indoor and outdoor dining , the ambiance with dimmed lighting and wooden furniture makes me comfy and relaxing . D'italiane served fine dining Italian cuisine from Pizza to Pasta and Grills and the staff here was really friendly to serve us , D'italiane also have three outlet in Klang Valley at the moment that recently located at Paradigm Mall , Jaya 33 and Sunway Giza .

Father's Day Specials - Seafood Platter Set

Mix Grilled Seafood Platter
A Combination of grilled fresh Tiger Prawn , Salmon Trout , Octopus Tentacles , Mussels , Scallops , Blue Swimmer Crab with mesclun Mix salad and served with garlic aioli and mustard .

Seafood Paella
Prawn , Calamari , Clams , Mussel and White Fish Fillet , slow cooked in Aroz rice with infused saffron stock , cubes tomato and fresh basil .

Father's Day Specials - Meat Platter Set

D'Meat Platters
Premium chilled striploin with green peppercorn brown sauce , lamb cutlets with smoked garlic sauce , pan roasted balsamic chicken , lamb , chicken & beef sausages , served with sauteed rosemary potatoes and mesclun mix salad mix .

Chicken & Lamb Paella
Italian Chicken and lamb chorizo slow cooked in Spanish Aroz rice infused saffron broth .

Below was included with the sets

Oxtail Soup With Cheese Crutons
Slow cooked oxtail with nutmeg , cloves and crusted pepper in beef broth .
Ice Lemon Mint TeaA jug of Ice Lemon Mint Tea 
Cannoli consist of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough , filled with a sweet , creamy filling Italian pastries .
Below is not Included From the Father's Day Specials Platter Set - Ala Carte
Cioccolato Calda - Hot Chocolate
Premium Chocolate with steamed milk and a mass of tiny chocolate bubbles .
Vanilla Calda - Hot Vanilla
Vanilla with steamed milk and a tiny mass of milk Froth .
Lemon Honeydew Cooler Fresh Lemon juice , honeydew and mint blended with ice .
Chicken Sausage , Pepperoni , Beef bacon , mushroom slices , bell pepper , basil and mozzarella cheese on Roma tomato cream sauce .

With Father’s Day right around the corner . With it being such a busy day for restaurants , you should be prepared to make it special with Father’s Day here . Father’s Day is usually held on the 3rd Sunday of June and is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood and paternal bonds . I wish all the fathers out there , HAPPY FATHERS DAY .

Three Outlet below :
D'Italiane Kitchen @ Jaya33
D'Italiane Kitchen @ Sunway Giza
D'Italiane @ Paradigm Mall


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