Pizza Hut's Loaded Pockets , Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur , 24th May 2017 - Pizza Hut Malaysia , the leading Pizza chain in Malaysia today announced the return of the loaded Pockets pizza in conjunction with the upcoming Ramadhan and Hari Raya season . Packed with abundance for all , this pizza is a harmonious creation of flavors and promises satisfaction right to the very last bite !

This Limited edition pizza will be available nationwide between 11th May to 21st July 2017

With the tagline , " Juadah Beraneka Memikat selera di bulan Mulia " , the loaded Pockets pizza features twelve generous and mouth watering pockets of crust , each stuffed with creamy chicken & mushroom filings and sprinkled with cdeddar cheese for added crunch .

Topped with refreshing ingredients that will tantalize your taste buds such as capsicums , Pineapple bits , caramelized onions and sweet spiced chicken , this new delightful addition is sure to whet appetites .

Eric Leong the General Manager of Pizza Hut Malaysia gave a speech about the history and strategy of Pizza Hut , Eric Leong is such a funny guy .

From Left Eric Leong - General Manager of Pizza Hut Malaysia , Middle Fathia Latiff - ambesaddor of Pizza Hut Malaysia and Jean Ler - Chief Marketing Officer  of Pizza Hut Malaysia

This Ramadhan season , everyone is looking for a meal full of abundance that would satisfy their different cravings and introducing the loaded pockets pizza to Malaysian customers along with an abundance of appetiser , sides and desserts to choose from .

On behalf of Pizza Hut Malaysia , they also like to wish all their Muslim customers a blessed Ramadhan and a meaningful time with their family and loved one . The new loaded Pockets Pizza is available via ala carte orders at only RM32.50 while combos are valid for dine in only . people looking for a feast are in for a treat as Pizza Hut is offering generous combos for two people and combos for four people . Each combo includes one regular sized loaded pockets pizza ( combo for four includes another regular favourites pizza ) , mushroom soup , a variety of drinks including shaken ice lemon tea and wild berry smash tea , appetisers to choose from including chips & dips , caesar salad , garlic bread , crispy fries and a dessert of rose pudding . The combos are reasonably priced at RM39.90 for two people and RM79.90 for four people .

Mushroom & Pumpkin Soup
Chicken SensationWith spicy , sweet and sour sauce
Smoked Deli Wings
Ceasar  Salad
Chicken Salami Olio
Roasted Sesame Tempura Prawn Spaghetti

Pizza Hut turns 35 this year , be honoured to have been there whenever you enjoy memorable moments with your loved ones . Please Visit for more infomation .


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