Chicken Up , SS15

Singapore’s most popular No.1 Korean Fried Chicken "Chicken Up" Serve authentic Korean dishes that Known for its unique taste due to its preparation Has landed Their first Outlet in Klang Valley Subang Jaya SS15 on 18th March 2017 , offering Special signatures of Chicken Up soy-coated Ganjang Up & the sticky-sweet Yangnyum Up .

The chicken part is marinated up to 12 hours by using the original Chicken Up recipe and then deep-fried to seal in the flavours . This process ensures that every piece is served bursting with succulent Fresh juicy hot tender to create a great crisp satisfying taste .

Chicken Up started at 2010 in Singapore with a vision to provide a casual dining experience and introduce some of the authentic Korean cuisines in the country . In the past , it has been picked by Tan Hsueh Yun , food editor at SPH , as the best tasting Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore from a blind tasting challenge conducted by  RazorTV . In this challenge , the editor was asked to try 8 different Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) recipes from 8 different stores in Singapore while she was blindfolded . After describing each of the 8 chicken dish , she was made to choose which one is the BEST and has picked CHICKEN UP as the Best Korean Fried Chicken .

The Three storey restaurant can be found along Jalan SS15/4E with shop number No.7, 7-1F, 7-2F , Ground & First floor was decorated to dine your favourite Korean Wings. 

The whole build up Design in Chicken Up was really stunning , you won't believe it if you just pass by from Outside . The place create a comfortable atmosphere around while dining too . When you ask me about their service , what that I can say is " Marvelous " !!! 
- Their are ready to serve with the smile face all the time , Now days not much Restaurant waiter & waitress Serving nicely or a smile on their face and I hope all the staff in Chicken Up will Maintain their good service till the end .

Snow Squid Topokki
Snow Squid Topokki or better known as UFO Topokki is comprised of rice cake and fish cake with spicy chili paste sauce called gochujang and a deep fried breaded squid on top , served in a UFO shaped pan . It comes with some side dish which includes Caramelized Kimchi , Cheese , Corn , Cheese , Kimchi Fried rice , steamed egg and some grinded padano cheese as garnish .
Yangpa Bomb
The presentation is cool and the onion is just super crispy .
Ugly Tang
The Ugly Tang Stew is a version of the Korean Army Stew consisting of way more than the usual ingredients : which is ham , sausage , luncheon meat , kimchi , pork belly , vegetables , macaroni , baked beans , cheese and noodles boiled in a thick, rich and flavourful chicken stock broth . Each serving may be shared by 3 to 4 pax .
Crispy Chicken
Crispy Chicken is a world famous chicken recipe and has been a favorite among chicken lovers of all ages . Chicken Up’s version of Crispy Chicken is extra crispy . The chicken is fried in such a way that the skin is extremely crunchy , but the white meat is soft and juicy tender .
Spicy Yangnyum Wings
Yangnyum Chicken is marinated with fragrant seasoning, deliciously deep-fried to perfection, coated with spicy chilli sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds .
Yangnyum Chicken Korean Sweet Chilli
Yangnyum Chicken is marinated with fragrant seasoning, deliciously deep-fried to perfection, coated with spicy chilli sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds .
Haemul Pajeon
With scallions and green onion leaves as its main ingredients , these seafood pancake has been one of the highly popular snacks in Korea . Most of those you find in the streets of Busan is made from a batter of eggs , wheat flour onion leaves and seafoods . Chicken Up’s version of this frequently requested healthy snack is simply addictive . Seafood and Green Onion Pancake is made up of shrimps , squids , chilli pepper , onion and chives prepared with KOrean batter mix and beef seasonings  . It is also available in Kimchi variant to alternate the seafood .
Bulgogi Fries
One of Korea’s trendy food is Bulgogi Fries . Chicken Up’s however is one of the best there is . It is made of crispy golden fries piled up and topped with Bulgogi or beef marinated in soy sauce , drizzled over with the white garlic sauce . The Korean style barbecue beef complements the fries and Once you try it you can’t get enough of it .

Lightbulb fresh fruit and Refreshment Iced drink , Because of some Hygiene matter . Chicken Up alowed Customers to bring this Cute lightbulb bottle back home after the purchasing .

Watermelon Bingsu
Bingsu , the signature dessert of Chicken Up also known to be a highly popular snack food in Korea , Chicken Up Bingsus will surely fill-up more of your sweet craving , satisfying your ice cold longing . Chicken Up also offers Melon Bingsu . Unlike other Bingsu, all of the Bingsu are basically made of frozen milk mushed finely all together with its fruity toppings . this Bingsu is definitely a good choice. You’ll find this dessert especially enjoyable during hot sunny days because of its thirst-quenching effect and it’s good for sharing too , Each of the toppings and tge Bingsu give a contrasting texture that melts in your mouth while you eat it. It is served in a biggie size watermelon shell .

Chicken Up , SS15 - Subang Jaya
Address : No.7, 7-1, 7-2 
Jalan SS15/4E , Subang Jaya .
Contact : 017-577 9377
Hours : Daily 11:30AM - 10.30PM


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