Origina - Truly Natural Drinks

Origina Juice And Chocojoy Drink are natural , healthy and trendy now in the market .

Enjoy the benefits of natural fruit juice and Chocojoy flavored milk chocolate  , Origina drinks taste delicious and the best moment to enjoy when it was cold , That's make me more refreshing . There was huge variety of flavors available too . Origina is the latest beverage brand products and is a local grown brand made in Malaysia market that manufacture by PS Food and Beverages with interesting trendy packaging . Origina Juice and tea selection have 100ml (small packet) and big packet as well , however the small packet juice only available for apple and blackcurrent flavor . For tea selection they have big and small as well .

Retail Price :
Chocojoy RM 2.69
Origina Juice (small packet 100ml ) RM 1.00 
Origina Juice (big packet ) RM 2.49 
Origina Jus Tea range (small packet-100ml ) RM 1.00
Origina Jus Tea range (big packet ) RM 2.49

The brand name Origina shows how ORIGINAL of the reflects true taste of natural ingredients and unique natural flavours extracted from pure juice concentrate and tea leaves . They also aim to continuously innovate and enhance our product range in the the future too . Origina formulation contains high nutrition values that can enrich the mind and spirit of consumer . The drink product is not only a thirst quencher but also a drink that energizes and help you get through the hectic modern lifestyle . Origina products mostly are distributed to cooperate school around Klang Valley , Kelantan , Terrenganu , Matahari supermarket in Taman Medan , USJ 19 city mall and  also selected Aeon .

Chocojoy have 9% cholesterol considered low fat and high calcium , Chocojoy chocolate milk drink were contain with vitamin A , B1 , B2 , D , Calcium prevent cancer , reduce the risk of night blindness , Ensure proper muscle growth in children and also Protect skin against dryness and acnes .

Interested to be product distributors or stockist , contact at 03 5519 5700 or email us at info@psfood.com.my
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For more information , pls visit at http://origina2u.com
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