Crab Factory SS2 / Crab Hut Shaftsbury Square

Calling all seafood lovers again!!! 
Come and experience with Crab Factory , they are 100% seafood restaurant that serves quality and fresh seafood with an environment to create memorable experience for their customers . Crab Factory was Started their business in January 2014 at SS2 . The restaurant is cosy with a friendly environment where people can enjoy good food . Almost been operation for 2 years in SS2 till today the business was going well as planned .

The restaurant is located Same row as Pelita mamak middle Shoplot , one of the corner lot among long row of shoplot . Who doesn’t like to get dirty with their food ? ,  For some reason there’s always some added finger lickin’ deliciousness when you eat with your hands and here at the Louisiana Crab Factory there’s no exception .

To embrace the whole Southern American cuisine of Creole and Cajun cooking with their shared culture of relaxed backyard affairs of large seafood boils to bring together entire communities for some serious chow down . Similar to the backyard BBQ that most of us are more familiar with , it is all about gathering with family and friends and sharing great food, interesting conversations and knocking back a few beers with good company .

Seafood Set - Signature Southern Bang Sauce in Medium spiciness.
Meat Crabs in O’ly Crab sauce
Japanese Sweet Prawn (Amaebi) in Thai Sambal sweet and sour
Yabbies in Garlic Butter
White Prawn in Jackfruit curry lemak chilli Padi
Homemade Garlic Bread , Mini man tao , Fried Emoki Mushrooms , Shallot Rice

The Crab Factory was inspired by an adventurous road trip to the States where we experienced a melting pot of Louisiana culture – the home of Jazz and Blues, the love of celebration and festivals and most unforgettably, the backyard Crab Boil. they were immediately hooked . 

They were eager to bring back a part of recipe return home to Malaysia and share these newfound tantalizing flavors with the discerning local food scene . How can anyone resist a feast of the freshest seafood doused in an aromatic blend of seasonings and spices with all the rustic fixings like sausages, potatoes and sweet corn? Trust me, you might be up to your elbows in drippings at the table, but by the time you are done, there wont be a drop of goodness left.

Crab Factory , SS2
Address : 21, Jalan SS 2/64, SS 2, 
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact : +60 3-7865 5850
Hours : 
Tue - Thurs / 3PM - 11PM
Fri - Sun   / 11AM - 11PM
Closed on Monday  

Crab Hut Shaftsbury Square , Cyberjaya

Crab Hut Shaftsbury Square , Cyberjaya
Address : P2-25, Shaftsbury Square,
Persiaran Multimedia, Cyberjaya, 
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor
Hours : Daily 12PM - 10PM


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