DONSADON , Solaris Mont Kiara

DONSADON was newly open in Solaris Mont Kiara that served korean dishes . not really much people know about DONSADON that located upper floor and facing the others side of the Block J .

But They served one of the best BBQ Grilled pork belly with a great deal that you won't found any In town . DONSADON operated their business by Korean Manager and own by a korean too .

As you see , every table have their own BBQ grill stove and we can grill everything just infront of us . Thong and sciccors will be prepare on every table for cut the pork belly into pieces to grilled . Interior Decoration kinda simple But clean and feel comfortable around me .

Mr.Kim is the owner and the boss of DONSADON and He serving us own made sauce marinated pork belly , it was half cooked pork belly size about our palm . It need to cut into pieces so the meat will cook well from half raw .

Fine cut for the pork belly Grill companion with Garlic , Chillies and Kimchi , Let it burn together . The grill pan grilled everything equally in the perfect way . have you tried Grill kimchi before , at here DONSADON they grill the kimci on the hot pan too . At First I'm not a big fan of kimchi but I found out that I like The grilled kimchi and started to love it .

This is well cooked and awesome combination Pork belly and Kimchi . it was superb and I can't really tell you how impress about this combination is , you guys really need to try this out .

Slice Mushroom
A small dish of appetizer

This how it been serve , A slice of Leaf (I forget what this leaf called) , A Piece of juicy pork belly , Grill Kimchi , Slice mushroom  , mince garlic and the in house special spice sauce . Put it all together then wrap it up and stuck the whole thing into your mouth . It is was superb awesome combination taste that I can't expression . Actually you can wrap with anything you like in it .

A Cheers toss , Good day Japanese Sake . We were given small shot glasses from which to drink the sake . In each case , sake mostly suitable for grill food pairings .

Now they are promoting greatest deal in town , RM29.99(Adult) , RM20 (Below 10 Yrs Old) and Free (Below 5 Yrs old) Unlimited refill for pork belly , Pork Shoulder and Pork Belly Slice , eat as much as you can . Not really sure when this promotion gonna be end .

Block J-01-05 No.2 , Jalan Solaris 
,Publika Solaris Mont Kiara 
, 50450 Kuala Lumpur .


  1. Wow yesterday i read is different than today. :P
    nice post!

    1. Thx,that day haven't complete , just completed yesterday ,hehe.

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  3. Hi, do you happen to know if this is still around? I can't seem to find info on whether it is still in operation or already closed.@@

    1. I'm Not sure about that but You can make a call to confirm about it : 03 61518482


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