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Everyone would like to be a barista so do I , It looks cool to me to be a barista since I wanted to learn Long time ago , Thank to Coffee Stain and Openrice for the wonderful Barista Training Classes with great Experience I had .

Discover Coffee , The Workshop where we Learn the essential barista skills to get me started on my barista skill . The workshop focuses on the key skills required to set on grinder , make espresso, and foam and texture milk for great cappuccinos . The course also touches on some basic information on the daily care of your equipment .

If you are looking for a job in the café industry this barista training course will give you a fantastic advantage . It is designed with the coffee novice in mind with no previous experience needed for the course . . After a brief introduction you will move straight onto the machines where you will spend the day perfecting your skills under the supervision of a professional.

Our Trainer of day , Barista Yemen from myanmar the champion of Barista 2013 . Today he gonna teach us step by step from beginner Basic Home barista Skill and Latte art for two hour .

First step , We learn how to steam Proper cappuccinos and lattes require microfoam . Microfoam in the pitcher does not look like a foam , since the bubbles are too small and it must use cold chill milk to make it . Highly skill required for the Microfoam to success and luckily I made it 80% perfect for microfoam . They said I'm a fast learner trainee . at first I was feel afraid too .

Second Step , Grind The coffee bean and weighting the coffee powder . As a barista "Daily Grind" where coffee is concerned , the daily grind should be the rich , spicy aroma created by the grinding of fresh roasted coffee . as i know there was seven type of grind that available at all the cafe out there : Extra Coarse Grind - Coarse Grind - Medium-Coarse Grind - Medium Grind - Medium-Fine Grind - Fine Grind - Extra Fine Grind . what we need and do here is Extra Fine Grind . The grind levels presented in small increments to get the flavor you want .

Third Step , Brewing a perfect cup of coffee is the enjoyment of fine coffee . as a newbie I don't really know is the brew was perfect or not . grind between 18-21 grams of coffee into portafilter , Swipes the coffee powder by drawing a finger across then apply tamper push downward and a gentle spin to just enough to seal the coffee in evenly . Put the portafilter in the grouphead and start press on the button to get my shot . The shot should start with a slow drip, then develop into a gentle, even stream .

Last Step , Pour amazing latte art and learn how to make hearts, rosettas and leafs as well . pouring the steamed milk into my espresso cup and maintain a consistent speed and need to pour gently . Once the milk nears the top of the cup, draw the milk straight back through the center of the fern pattern to create a stem .

Since Yemen says that I'm Learning fast , I Created my very own 3D Coffee art while others still trying on their Coffee making and coffee art . I don't know what figure I have done (actually I'm trying to do big hero 6 in a hot tab)but still able to see my 3D floating beside the coffee cup .

kitten in cup done by Yemen

Thanks to Trainer Yemen for the great experience coffee art class and from today on I able to show off my talent to all the girls out there that love to drink coffee or for the coffee art , girls love a guy barista that knows to do coffee art .

Anyone that would like to learn on the coffee machine , you can find out Discover Coffee workshop that located at Publika , Or can be contacted at : Phone:010-401 4314


  1. I attended this workshop with Betty dear. I must say, we learn alot! :)

    1. yea, i have learn alot and how to make it, awesome class..

  2. Hello Eddy!! Very happy to meet you in the class. Hope to see you in the next event :)

    1. Bello , yea happy to meet you too , from stranger we become friends , see you soon , have a great day forward ...


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