Restoran G&J 吉仔肉骨茶 , Sitiawan

Last Lunch at sitiawan and after this we are heading back to KL....
After done packing all our luggage and take a fresh bath then all of us leaving the banglo homestay that we stayed for two Night... 

Uncle of my friend Bring us here Restoran G&J 吉仔肉骨茶 , and The uncle said that this shop selling steam big fish head ,and I answered " How Big sin " ?
The Uncle says " almost same big as your head" 
and I answered in very rude way " yao mou lan oOo " wuahahaha
The Uncle says " Where is your DSLR , Bring it down , it was really a big fish head coming on " 
and I answered " Okok...I bring down Now ,don't Tipu me ya..."

Kung Pou Stingray
This dish is special for me but I don't know isit special for you guys or not la....It was spicy that you cansee those dry chilie on it and squeeze the lime then will be more delicious....

Vegetable is a must On every meal we had

Restoran G&J 吉仔肉骨茶 Main Dish Bak Kut Teh , The soup was packed with herbal paste that makes the soup reallt tasty and not tasteless...
It Was the best in town too because I haven't try others yet...wuahahaha

Best Companion Of Life that cannot be Miss out
Kerabu Fish Head
This is what we talking about earlier Big Fish Head ......
Omfg!! It was almost same big as my head.....
Covered With onions , slice ginger and lime to be squeeze in , 

You can the Fin and bones was Bigger than the soup spoon
So, we Get it clean and clear till nothing left...hehe

Highly Recommended To you all take a try here...
Just dont forget to order the Big Fish Head!! Omg!!

Restoran G & J
Jalan Kampung Sitiawan
Taman Aman Muhibbah
32000 Sitiawan, Perak


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