Cheong Cia Gong Pian , Sitiawan

First Visit and it's was my last day in sitiawan for Heading back to K.L....
Before We came here , we Had our Lunch at Restoran G&J 吉仔肉骨茶
For The Super Big Fish Head ......

This is Fuk Chow Tradisional Biscuit and only can get this Fuk Chow Biscuit in Sitiawan or in Sarawak, where a huge numbers of Fuk Chow people in these places as I know....

The corner-lot shop is located at a small lane among the shop houses in the middle of the town , along Jalan Tok Perdana, just behind Wisma Ganda. The popularity of this biscuit was huge , as there was people started lining up to grab the hot and crispy biscuit that fresh from the heated old fashion oven...

It was their family business and now run by two brothers who took over from their granduncle that more than ten years ago Histort till now and been helping by granddaughters and  grandsons

Pricing for Gong Pian and more than 10 variety to be choose

The gong pian are made from wheat flour, yeast, salt and lard. There are two types of fillings, either chopped onions or char siew and another is plain(kosong) 

Once done, they are pasted into the inner walls of the heated old fashion oven , where they are baked for a few minutes until they are hard and crispy.

The gong pian will stick on the walls and won't fall to the bottom as well . Each oven can stick on 50 pieces of gong pian and there are three ovens that in operation at one time .

After Few Snap Of Photo Been Taken of the shop by my DSLR baby and then one of the owner called to come to have a closer look and Snap the moment process of making the gong pian.
they are more happy for people to promote their biscuits in the form of food review in blogs.

Then they will sprinkle some water over the gong pian to make sure it won't get burnt, and heat them up evenly . It is indeed not an easy process.

The timing was just perfect when we were there, because the last batch was just started and waited for half hours, we got to eat freshly baked gong pians. It is best to eat it while it is still hot and crispy, as the biscuit will get tough and chewy.

The baked gong pians are removed and placed on the table to be cooled by a table fan and ready to be sale....

But we can't manage to buy how many we wanted because not only us that waiting , there was a bunch of people is waiting  too...
So , everyone get average pieces of gong pian only...

Who want Gong Pian that Made From ME??!!

I really appreciate this opportunity That given by them to snap this picture....looks funny...hahahaha

Sitiawan Cheong Cia Gong Pian
12, Jalan Tok Perdana, 
32000, Sitiawan, Perak


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