Foo Chow Kampua Noodles , Pasar Awam Kg Koh, Sitiawan

Sitiawan , Get my Butt up at 10 a.m and craving for breakfast....
any oustation that I go that not belong to me , I will do the research on Breakfast , Lunch and dinner even for supper too...
Kampung Koh offers traditional Foochow food which is not widely available in other parts of Malaysia. 

The result was that all the locals hailed the Pasar Awam , It wasn't that hard to find, just a street opposite of Ye Si Restaurant, straight on, make a U-turn and you'll have the market on your left. There were a lot of people in morning...even you can alot local that having their breakfast here....

-Prawn Paste For Asam Laksa
-Kampung Koh Origin KG. KoH Chili sauce
-Salt(Dont for what)
-Pickled chopped garlic Soaked in vinegar For Loh Mee
-Sambal Chili
-Soy Sauce

Alot 'Fuk chuk' Hanging around the stall for sell 

Kampua Noodle is a different type of yellow noodle. It is noticeably flatter and smaller in diameter as compared to the usual yellow noodle 
The Dried Kampua Noodle came with a few slices of Char Siew which is the usual type served in most Wantan Noodle stalls.

Loh mee , a noodle dish with thick gravy, is a favorite among the elderly people as they believe that it is a dish that denotes “long life”. 

Wan Tan , More 10 piece of wan tan well stuck with minced Pork 

Asam Laksa , Though the whole combination of the taste of gravy, noodles and its condiments blends very well together..

The ais kacang was normal
Pasar Awam Kg Koh ,
Jalan Simpang Dua ,
32000 Sitiawan ,


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