Laviino Cafe@Blueberry Earth House , Cameron Highlands

this was a mud house and it’s called the Blueberry Earth House ,
A cute little cafe that sits perched on the hill, overlooking the fertile soils of Cameron Highlands.Looks like Cameron Highlands lovers have one more new attraction PLACE to visit...

Table Number
Pasta Cabonara Rm15.90- tasteless--Worst :(
Grill Pepper Chicken Chop RM1.90-No Pepper Taste,just like soy sauce -- :(
Smash Potato Rm6.90-sauce and potato was tasteless --Worst :(
Durian Juice Rm6.90
This is the best among all the food

We can't finish all the foods because no taste at all,hope they will improve in the future 

The decoration wins all the cafe in cameron ,just the food are tasteless...


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