Boat Noodle , Empire Damansara

Saw Some friends mentioned this new restaurant at facebook, we were determined to have a go and try out thier famous boat noodle that need to stack up how high you can.

This was my first visit and also my first visit to Empire,i'm lost in Empire Damansara...
If Not mistaken The whole concept of Empire Damnsara was Office+Condo+Foods restaurant is a combination Lifestyle Building...
Then I go down to Lower Ground For car Parking and I took the elevator,after entering,I saw Floor button was From B2 car park to 3+ floor Resident floor but Missing the G floor button..
Then I went back out from the list and asked  the secuarity Guard and he lead me to a staircase to G floor for Foods and Restaurants....Lolx

After I came out from the staircase Then I was lost again,Turns Around and around till I met BOAT NOODLE,It was just beside 7 Eleven...ffuhhh!!
It was like jungle without track along....The environment of Empire Damansara was a Classic place...look like a french village Outlook..A Place that good to Chill all day...

The restaurant was already quite packed after 12.30pm that was lunch Hour and everyone was que at the door,I reach there 11.30a.m and there are 2 table of customer that enjoying their noodle. Service was very attentive and friendly.
Guess What,No Service tax And GoV tAX!!!

The food menu was Simple – 2 types of dry noodles and 2 types of soup noodles, selling for RM1.90 a bowl. 
RM1.90?? are you serious!?? Why so cheap? 
because each bowl portion is about one soupspoons and two sip from chopstick of noodles and you are gonna to order more than one bowl to fill you stomuch Dowh.

Colourful table and stool
Add ON : Thailand most famous Squid sos,2 type of chillies and the dry chillies was damm spicy....niceee
This Is funny,any drinks you Ordered,they will give you this steel mug,feels back my 80's Drank MILO wITH THIS STEEL mUG.. :)   
You Can See How Small the Portion is.

The only dessert available on the menu -kuih talam (RM1 for 2 sauce plate size)pandan-coconut desserts

I had 13 bowl today..coming back again for 30 bowl next time...wuahahaha

Second Visit In A Week,sIAO LiAo

Address : 
G3A, Heritage Lane, Empire Damansara, 
47820 Damansara Perdana. Business Hours: 
Mon - Sun: 
11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Phone : 0194773119 / 0163304762 / 0196756138

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