Seniman At Pavilion Bukit Jalil Served Authentic Local Delight

Seniman Cafe is the ideal place for gathering and catching up session with friends and families, Inspired by the rich melting pot of cultures of Malaysia spread of traditional Malaysian dishes. Featuring a mammoth spread of authentic Kampung delicacies and traditional delights complemented with favourite local flavours and much more. The tempting delicacies will also feature our well-beloved local recipes from traditional favourites to the famed Malaysian state cuisine.
This Seniman Restaurant is located at Pavilion, Lot 4.31.00, Level 4. Open Daily from 10am to 10pm, At Seniman, They serve people who crave for their local favourite flavours at anytime you wanted, and those looking for an unforgettable Malaysian food experiences while creating opportunities for chefs to showcase their creativity.
Indulge in a bountiful spread of traditional dishes and relish in harmoniously balanced flavours that are distinctively Malaysian with a thoughtfully curated made by traditional flavours that have been passed down through generations. A full range of food dishes in the menu, serving a vast of Malaysian, Asian and Western favourites like Petai Pizza, noodles, soups to the Talam Set and so much more to indulge in. About the dessert Seniman serves traditional Apam nangka, Roti Jala Sira Durian and many more to choose after the main course, amazingly delicious and mouth-watering. Don’t forget to compliment the aftermath of food with a great cup of our beloved popular Teh Tarik terbalik.
  • The " Do Re Mi " Talam Set For 2 Pax
  • Side Dish Condiments : Sambal Kelapa Pudina, Pajeri Nenas, Sambal Belacan Tumbuk, Acar Jelatah
  • Talam Set 'DO' - Rm62.00
Daging Salai Lemak Cili Padi, Ayam Kunyit Palembang, Sotong Sambal Tumis, Nasi Minyak Pengantin with Teh Tarik Terbalik.

  • Talam Set 'RE' - Rm72.00
Kari Kambing Jiwa Kacau, Ayam Masak Kicap Manis, Udang Goreng Halba, Nasi Kukus with Teh Tarik Terbalik.
  • Talam Set 'MI' - Rm82.00
Tulang Sisih Kerutup., Ayam Goreng Pak Kaduk, Ikan Siakap Berlado (whole 600gm), Nasi Minyak Pengantin with Teh Tarik Terbalik
  • Appetiser & Salad
  • Tauhu Sumbat Kejora - Rm14.00 (Starlight's Stuffed Bean Curd)
  • Kerabu Daging Bakar Air Asam Kerisik - Rm18.00 (Beef Kerabu with Tamarind Coconut Kerisik Dipping)
  • Sotong Kangkung Terangkat - Rm16.00 (Awesome Cuttlefish with Water Spinach Salad)
  • Seniman Pizza Bisa Bonar
  • Sambal Bilis Petai Power - Rm24.00 (Seniman's Fiery Anchovies Sambal with Bitter Bean Pizza)
  • Kerutup Kambing Mak' Tiri - Rm26.00 ("Step Mother" Braised Lamb with Malay Spices)

  • Ala Carte
  • Daging Kerutup - Rm28.00 (Braised Beef with Malay Spices)
  • Ikan Siakap Berlado (600gm) - Rm50.00 (Deep Fried Whole Seabass with Javarian Sambal Berlado)
  • Ikan Bakar Bujang Lapok (600gm) - Rm52.00 (Typical Old Bachelor Grilled Whole Seabass with Okra)
  • Lontong Kering Wak Labib - Rm18.00 (Wak Labib's Compressed Rice Cakes With Coconut tumeric vegetables Gravy)
  • Mee Kari Udang Bersepai - Rm20.00 (Spaghetti in Tangy Curry Sauces)
  • Kuew Teow Beef Terkejut - Rm19.00 (Fried Flat rice noodle with beef and Ginger essence)
  • Pisang Sangai Ice Cream - Rm14.00 (Fried Banana with Ice Cream)
  • Churros - Rm16.00 (Portuguese Dough Fliters with Cinamon Sugar & With Coffee Sauce
  • Roti Jala Sira Durian - Rm16.00 (Lacy Pancakes with Durian Gravy)
Seniman is The Best Restaurant in Pavillion Bukit Jalil. They invariably present you with The Best Halal food in Bukit jalil and genuinely serve up affordable platters, fresh Prawn and others. A place with fun-filled family restaurant with the famous Local dishes. Seniman designed to be a community gathering place. If you are looking for a place to host your next event with full-service catering, you’re in the right place. Seniman have options for your smallest gathering up to about 150 guests in the regular course of business. For groups over 150, we have to get a bit more creative.

Address :
Pavilion Bukit Jalil
Lot 4.31.00, Level 4
Pavilion Bukit Jalil
Persiaran Jalil Utama
57000 Bukit Jalil

Opening Hours
Daily Monday – Sunday
10.00am – 10.00pm

Phone : +60 19-214 2578
Email :


  1. Any halal certificate? Owner is muslim?

    1. Yup, Halal Food. Main chef is Muslim, waiter and waitress are muslim. Halal Certificate is hanging at the counter


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