Aadi Perukku Hindus auspicious festival at Morib Gold Coast

This year the Aadi Perukku festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm on Morib beach. Aadi Perukku 2022 was on August 03, Aadi Perukku honours the life-sustaining properties of water, one of nature’s gifts to mankind. On this day Mother Nature is worshipped in the form of Amman deities. It is more like a thanksgiving ceremony for nature’s bountiful grace on mankind.
This festival is also special for newly married couples to perfect their marriage by getting blessings from the earth's water sources. Newly married couples worship by giving fruits, flowers and sweets so that their lives are filled with gratitude. Next, the couple floats the wedding necklace, the light of honor in the waters and bathes as a sign of blessing from the water source.
Aadi Perukku is also called as ‘Padinettam Perukku’ as ‘Padinettu’ in Tamil means ‘eighteen’ and ‘perukku’ implies ‘a rising’.Aadi is the Tamil month of observances and fervour that is dedicated to Water forces and other Natural forces. During this month pujas and prayers are offered to thank the powerful Goddesses and also to seek protection from the ominous aspects associated with month. It is a belief that the Tamil month of Aadi is very auspicious for making connections with the Divine power.

Weddings or other related events are not celebrated during the month of Aadi as it is considered inauspicious. Aadi Perukku is the festival of fertility that has been practised and patronised since the time of rule of the Kings and Royal family. There has been a mention of this custom even in several historic 


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