Restaurant De Costa's 8, Portuguese Settlement Seafood

Located in Kampung Portugis, Melaka at Medan Selera MBMB with a very convenient and nice view of a sea. Serving a fresh and delicious seafood as a main. it should begin with enjoying the sea breeze upon stepping foot in Portuguese Settlement, or perhaps you should drop-by during their merry-making special festivals. For us, as I have already said, seafood is the call, which I believe is the dotted line of Portuguese Settlement for drawing bus loads of tourists.
Portuguese Settlement is not far away from town yet you need transport to reach there. There are about 10-15 stalls selling almost similar food. Portuguese Settlement popular offering grilled seafood like fish, clam, lala, squid and more.
The Portuguese Settlement is an area of Ujong Pasir in, Malacca, Malaysia, which serves as a home for the Kristang people.The Kristang people are a Malaysian ethnic group with mixed Portuguese and Malay heritage, originating from the time of the Portuguese rule in Malacca.
feel free to enjoy authentic Portuguese Food by the seaside with reasonable prices. the portion was quite generous, tastes super scrumptious as the sauce is well blended with numerous spices yet astonishingly



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