Cendol Sagu Rumbia, Negeri Sembilan

When you talk about cendol, you can definitely imagine a green dessert eaten with ice, Melaka sugar and coconut milk. Cendol made from rice flour and corn flour, can also be eaten with red beans, corn, durian, glutinous rice or tapai.

However, many may rarely hear of sago cendol which is made from sago flour and is appetizing even though it is only eaten with shave ice, Melaka sugar and coconut milk. Compared to the usual, sago cendol is tastier because it has a more elastic texture, in addition to a unique aroma.
Cendol sago rumbia in Negeri Sembilan can only be obtained from a restaurant near Kampung Lambar, Batu 11, Jalan Lab. “In the past, sago was the staple food of the villagers instead of rice, because it was filling but now it is no longer.
They also sell cakes such as cucur badak, popiah, sardine curry, sago rose biscuits and laksa. Located by the roadside, Cendol Sagu Rumbia is open three days a week on Friday to Sunday, from 11am to 6pm.

To get here, you can check out the Waze app and Google maps by typing in Cendol Sagu Rumbia. Warung is only 2 minutes from Kampung Pulau Lambar Parish Mosque and near Kampung Pulau Rural Clinic.


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