ChakriMy – Thai Street Cafe, Sunway Pyramid

ChakriMy is the sister brand of Chakri Palace (est. 1999), serving authentic home style Thai comfort food. ChakriMy is brought to you by the same award winning team behind Chakri Palace, ensuring the best quality and authenticity of Thai recipes, exactly the way you would find it in the vibrant street stalls and cafés of Thailand.
The Top Signature dish is called "MAMA HOT POT". 'MAMA' means 'MUM' in Thai. This dish will give you the warmth of a mother's cooking welcoming you home. It will be served in a big pot of noodles with delicious ingredients such as prawns, crab meat, chicken strips and eggs. Another signature of ours is the "THAI NASI LEMAK". This dish takes nasi lemak to whole new level. Its combines our local favourite with a Thai touch, deep fried chicken served with spicy Thai sambal and mango salad.
Their chefs use fresh, local, seasonal produce to create innovative and classic dishes. For health reasons and all the dishes have no added MSG, additives or preservatives and are cooked with low cholesterol oil.   

Whether you're just popping in for a plate of noodles or sharing a meal with friends and family, we welcome you and hope you enjoy our relaxed atmosphere.


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