Foods Outlet Happenning at Citta Mall

Hola Food lovers/Hunters , It's been a month that I never step into Citta Mall Due to frequently with the events and traveling . 2017 makes me much more buzy and also a great year for me , I believe 2018 will much more better with much more foods - Much more travelling and also won't left behind all those events in Malaysia . Loaded Along the year , Proud to be a writer .
A return visit to Citta Mall , obviously for foods lah . Normally I do window shopping   more than shopping because I poor , if i'm rich then is different everyday i will be at different shopping mall shop till drop . Alright Cut the crap , back to realistic world . Once I step into the main entrance at Citta mall , It's like a  "WOW" Holy Sxxx . Foods at every corner , It's looks like a Foods shopping mall to me . coincidences-ly is time for lunch , there was crowded with white collar , Shoppers and OL's . Today , I will trying out three new Foods outlet in Citta Mall . There will be : Universal Noodle , Mikey's New York Pizza and Marrybrown . For some of you might sounds familiar especially the Marrybrown , I will whack all these three outlet and then will let you know the different , the special & what are they serving for Us . Kindly Continue Reading ......
Universal Noodle
Universal Noodle served Chinese Cuisine noodles with soup or dry version , something like pork noodle soup that you can see everywhere but this was slightly diferrent . Curious about the Slightly different ? Will tell you later about it . If not mistaken , This Restaurant just opened maybe just in this early January 2018 . And the first and only outlet in Citta Mall at the moment , How Lucky I'm . Honestly , It's really hard to find a fine pork noodles nowadays .
There was variety of side dishes to be order like : Chicken feet , stew beancurd & Egg , fried wan tan , fish cake , Fried pork fillet , vegetable and Cucumber . All this side dishes will be a great combination for the noodles that  we having .
Since It was just open , the atmosphere is quite comfortable and clean . Well arranged by all the friendly staff and Impressive that is full house during my visit here . No doubt for saying it !! 
What you saw may looks like a normal bowl of pork noodle , For me all this bowl of Pork noodle was awesome . The noodle theu use in every bowl was as same like out there kuey teow , yellow noodle or vermicelli noodle , Honestly the noodle have nothing special but the  Bone Broth soup base in the bowl was secret recipe from Universal Noodle Restaurant . There are two option to enjoy your pork noodle either Dry version or Soup version , Filled with fresh Mince pork and Pork intestine tender .
At Universal Noodle , I can say here was my one stop dining place . They have delicious simple most important is cheap dessert in the house , Mango Pudding sugar level that just perfect not that sweet . Beancurd Pudding ( Ang mo style Tau Fu Fah )  and Black Sesame Soup Sweet Dessert was thick enough filled all over my mouth .
 Here you go , All is mine . Don't make yourself mouth watering . Just dropby when you are nearby , The shop located beside Marrybrown .

Mikey's New York Pizza
Do you familiar with Mikey's New York Pizza ? They are not a stranger among pizza chain in Malaysia and well known with their large piece size of pizza . Guess what , this are their fourth outlet in Citta Mall . Proudly presenting largest then others round pizza and rich filled ingredients in every Pizza .
The shop interior designed with red brick around just exactly like those pizza restaurant at New York Downtown , Pizza moment photo was hang all around the wall and big graffiti art at end of the restaurant . While we walk in , the feel like we step into a street in new york . The young friendly Manager warm welcome us and show us around even explain a lot about Mikey's New York Pizza .
Pizza Master in action and done a live flying dough in front of us  ,  but watch out for the flying pizza dough , He can spin up0 high overhead .
Every piece of Pizza is much bigger than my hand palm , If not mistaken there are ten different flavor on the tray to choose and we ordered eight out of ten . The pizza filling was so rich , what can I say is all these flavor you can't to eat out there accept Mikey's New York Pizza only . Don't Forget about their Snack bites , The mahanttan , Cliff's Philly Cheese Steak . Deserved to have a cool name on the awesome snacks .
Marrybrown is well known in franchising food chain in Malaysia and why we are here to dine , Just to let you to know that Marrybrown just open in Citta Mall too . We get to try their all new menu Nasi Lemak Burger , Nasi Lemak in Burger ? . Yea , you heard it right . A combination between burger bun filled with nasi lemak ingredients . Are you Serious ????
What you see what you get , The menu is complete with rice , cucumber , eggs , sambal , fried chicken and also flanked with bread ... is unequivocally delicious . I'm really serious here , this is not a made up from me . From bottom is the burger bun follow up with Rice then a piece of Fried Chiken further up is A full spoon of Sambal on top the Fried chicken , continue a slice of Egg and Cucumber .
Can you guess what is this ? , it is french fries cover with sambal sauce topping on peanuts and Fried anchovies . Seriously!!!!!
Here you one complete set of Nasi Lemak Burger and Sambal French Fries , what a masterpiece of Malaysian traditional local food been made up .
Me and geng freak out for a while before entering Marrybrown , there have Nasi lemak Burger Banner stick on the window glass . If you ask me nice or not , I can tell is Nasi Lemak in the bun and it is something new to check it out .

Are you in the mouth watering condition after read this article till the end ??
What I have in Citta Mall stays in Citta Mall , It's was a great place to bonding with family and friends at Citta Mall . Get to shop , food heaven or wacth movie at MBO cinema . It's really fun place to be . Citta mall is proudly to welcome if you have stepped your foot here before , Shop with joy and fun . No worries about parking , Citta Mall has a lot of parking slots for shoppers .


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