Castella Cafe, Gerik Perak | Malaysia

After Our trip from Royal Belum Resort, On the way back To Kuala Lumpur We stopped at Castella Cafe restaurant to enjoy the Unique menu while dining by the river. The location of Castella Café is located 10km at the edge of the town of Gerik, which is in Kampung Padang Stang Mukim of Kerunai Gerik.
A clean stream of river that far away from the The hustle and bustle of city. Enjoying delicious food while soak my leg into the river was an unique experiences at Castella Cafe. According to restaurant owners "Tok Janggut" who are friendly and warm welcome us said, This picnics in the river concept are made upon request by patron who visit.
Patron can choose to dine at the nearby hut or dine at the table that provided by the river while enjoying fresh and delicios river fish dishes. What is the uniqueness of the menu offered while Tok Janggut explained, Castella provides a variety of food packages that can be enjoyed by four to six people from RM150.
The dishes are named of the Malay nobility are also served in bamboo, Various types of river fishes are available to choose on fish dishes. Beside from Fish, You also can choose chicken and beef package.

Tok Janggut Advice patron to make reservations at 011-20503453 or Castella Cafe Facebook as the Table is limited, Especially at weekend. Castella Cafe also provides a variety of exciting activities such as baths at the river and bamboo rafting that open at 12pm noon till night, And also homestay accommodation are available For those of you who want to relaxing and calm atmosphere while listening to the flow of river water which is exciting . Castella Cafe is the best choice.

Castella Café
Address : No. 35, Kampung Kerunai,
33320 Gerik, Perak.
Contact : 011-20503454(Tok Janggut)
Hours : Wed - Mon, 9AM - 8PM
Closed on Tuesday


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