Durian King TTDI

The Durian is in season again !
When mention about pungent , yellow fleshed , thorny fruit . Definitely Durian will plays in the mind and this how I'm the big fan of Durian . It's earned the title of ‘King of Fruits’ in Malaysian population and also It comes in many shapes and sizes with variety flavours . The name of the Durians are also been localised , we’ve got udang merah , musang king , Black Thorn and few more other names .
This where the actual place to satisfy my cravings for this sinfully sweet and good smelly fruit , Durian King TTDI promise the Quality been served to all their customer and The Place had people comes from around the globe tasting the wonders of creamy Durian here . Whereas the shelves at Durian King TTDI were nearly bare , here the displays overflowed into piles of Musang King .
Durian King TTDI is slowly establishing its name as the durian kid on the block by being one of the pioneers to bring in the Black Thorn durian . Get to try their new invasion of Cold Durian flesh . The place is easily can be spot around TTDI Market along Jalan Wan Kadir , It may be difficult for first timer to spot this place . So , you need assist from Waze or Google Map by type in “Durian King TTDI” or look for Pasar Besar TTDI opened car park right beside . Durian King is located inside the parking compound . It opens from 5PM - 12AM on weekdays , 12PM -12AM on weekends .
This time , the season started late around October and would be last until end of December maybe . The price of durians in November consider drop sample like Musang King price around RM50++ per kg only , the last I heard is around RM70++-80++ few month back . If you are looking for a quality assured premium durians , check out Durian King TTDI .
It is almost similar round like a ball and unlike other durians , it has a single blackish brown to dark brown thorn at the centre of its base . The Black Thorn durian is one of the most expensive and the price is overtaking the famed Musang King till today but with a limited Quantity . The Black Thorn is a originating from Nibong Tebal , south Seberang Prai . The rich taste , creamy with slight hint of bitterness . The flesh is not as thick as Musang King so it is softer in texture , The Flesh of Black Thorn Durian are deep Orange colour .
But for real durian-lovers like most Malaysians , we know that Musang King is the real deal . To recognize Musang King , the green is quite dusty and greyish and Some Musang King durians even have yellowish-brown husks . The spikes are far apart from each other , instead of being clustered together . Musang King durian has thick, golden-yellow flesh that tastes sweet with just a hint of bitterness in it. The texture is custard-like and extremely creamy .
XO is one of the most bitter tasting durians . It is known for being a smaller durian (in size) , and having pale (almost white) flesh .XO is different from other durian species . alcoholic aftertaste , which can feel the gassy after . Thick fleshed XO will not have had this extra fermentation time in the shell , and thus will not have the aftertaste. Therefore, if you’re looking for a full-flavoured XO , more watery flesh is ideal and highly recommended .
Besides the usual offerings of durian on its own , the stall also boasts a menu with a wide variety of yummy desserts including durian cendol and coconut water .

Its pungent and strong aroma would pierce right through your nose . Some may say it stinks but some may say it smells like heaven . Same goes for the taste , some would hate it and some would like it . If you are hunt for bitter sweet durian , hardly have it in buffet , unless you wish to buy the good type of durian . Durian buffet just can give me the quantity but not quality .

Durian King TTDI
Address : Pasar Besar Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact : +6016-274 6474
Hours : 5pm - 12am on weekdays , 12pm - 12am on weekend
Check For price update daily at : Durian King TTDI


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