Auntie Lan Sarawak Deli at NZX food Court

The well known NZX(Niu Xhe Shui 牛车水) was a area when those days packed with people along with bunch of night market vendors in a part of Ara Damansara , It's become like a Chinatown by selling Goods and Foods . It's claimed itself as the "Malaysia largest covered boulevard" and actually the main focus and most attractive place here is the covered street in the middle , Consider is The first covered street at that moment .
This location been abandon during year 2010 - 2016 and till now not many shop are occupied but recently on 1st October 2017 Restaurant NZX Food Court Boulevard started their business . A Food Court with 2 corner shops & 8 Intermediate Grd floor Shops with a 13,000sf Open space for sitting . visit for breakfast/lunch with Chinese hawkers Stalls for your enjoyment ans also Installed a Big Fan for the comfort promise to patrons .
Auntie Lan Sarawak Deli is one of the hawker stall that serving Original Sarawak delights , The simple Menu makes my day so simple without struggling what to choose . Surprisingly that Auntie Lan is originally from Kuching , Sarawak .
Regarding for the Sarawak Laksa , It was a taste that I have lost it for years . At least have five years back , A friend of mine that from Kuching , Her father homecook a bowl of awesome sarawak Laksa . It was the most delicious Sarawak laksa that I had , Totally no one can get rid of it . Any shop or stall out there can't even beat it but Today Auntie Lan may bring those memories back . At here , Their Sarawak Laksa almost have the same taste what I had Before . Let Me introduce Autie Lan dishes to you
Original Sarawak Laksa - Normal RM8 / Speacial RM10
Kueh Chap - Normal RM7 / Special RM9
Kolo Mee - RM7
Kolo Mee Merah- RM7 
You might love it , Come and try to believe . Your friendly neighbourhood NZX Food Court , The only Sarawak's Authentic Opened everyday from time to time or might have some changes sometime . Auntie Lan serving authentic Sarawak Laksa , Mee Kolo , kueh chap and Fishball Noodle .

Niuzexui Food Court - 牛车水 美食坊
Address : Central Boulevard, Jalan PJU 1A/41B, 
NZX Commercial Centre, Ara Damansara
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Hours : Daily 7AM - 3.30PM


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