Restoran London 好怡吃海鲜饭店 , Broga

In the morning breakfast around Broga , there have few Restaurant selling signature Pan mee and signature lou shufen  . Just can't decide which one is the best to drop by but never mind we simply hit one restaurant .   

甜园小站 sells morning breakfast in Restoran London 好怡吃海鲜饭店 and Restoran London 好怡吃海鲜饭店 itself running business at night . This restaurant is located along the Broga main road to Sak Dato Temple 石拿督庙 .

Spice for the pan mee , Dry chillie flakes and minced green sour chillie
Traditional Pan Soup Soup
Dry chillies Pan Mee
Bak Kut teh Soup Pan Mee
For me I choose Dry chillies Pan Mee and it's taste nice ,  Bak Kut teh Soup Pan Mee is tasty and strong with bak kut teh aroma but Traditional Pan Soup Soup is tasteless .


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